The Best Cities For Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality is the art of welcoming a guest and in its purest sense is an interaction between a guest and a host. When you think of a hospitality job, does your mind instantly go towards the hotel industry? A place to lay one’s head safe from the elements- a place of shelter- is certainly an important interaction between a guest and a host. In the 21st century, the hospitality industry has grown to mean much more than just inn keeping, though providing comfort and shelter are still extremely important. With the change in behaviors and technology comes the change in the hospitality and tourism industry. Today, hospitality is as much about the art of welcoming as it is about curating an experience for your guest. You could be a bartender in a cocktail bar and work tirelessly to ensure that one single drink is a piece of craftsmanship for your guest. You could work for a venue and spend hours of your afternoon arranging and designing the space to match the desired experience of your guests. Or you could work as a tour guide, researching and practicing your lines ensuring that your guests get the most authentic experience as they walk through the historic districts of your beloved city. The hospitality industry is one of the top 5 growing industries in the United States and part of that reason is this versatility that we described earlier. Today your hospitality job could be whatever you want it to be whether bartending, working in an escape room, ringing up sales in a museum gift shop, or cleaning bedrooms for guests. There’s a job for every person in the hospitality industry.

Below we’ve looked at the 50 largest metros in the United States and ranked them according to the number of hospitality-related job openings, the number of hotel rooms per citizen, the night life”entertainment” index (as described in WalletHub’s yearly ranking of the most ‘fun’ cities), and the cost of living.

1.)Las Vegas, Nevada

As the “Entertainment Capital of the World” it’s probably no surprise that Las Vegas made it to the top of our list for hospitality jobs in the United States. Casinos are more than just places to go and gamble money, they’re full-on entertainment packages. Hotels, bars, games, spas, and world-class restaurants are all part of that package. The famous “Strip” is filled to the gills with bartending jobs, front of house and back of house restaurant jobs, hospitality jobs in hotels, and inns, and so much more. Vegas is also a top location for thrillseekers, families, and convention-goers. Children can take a ride on a rollercoaster, head to the top of the High Roller, or catch any one of dozens of kid-friendly shows. Thrillseekers can go skydiving, race car driving, or head out on any one of dozens of excursions. This means for something far more unique than your run-of-the-mill hospitality job. Often times, you can pair your hospitality job with your area of interest. How about touring visitors around the nearby historic neighborhoods? Or you could sell tickets at one of your favorite theaters! The list goes on and on for entertaining and fun hospitality-related jobs. And when it comes to cost of living, Las Vegas costs well below the national average. Hospitality jobs are always at a peak season in Vegas where temperature changes remain fairly moderate when compared to other regions in the United States. If you’re ready to take on a hospitality job in the U.S. and are looking for a good time to boot, Las Vegas is where to head.

  • Entertainment Score: 1
  • Cost of Living: 71.63

2.)Orlando, Florida

Florida is called “The Sunshine State” for a reason. The sun literally always shines. Locals will bundle up when the temperature drops below 60 degrees. What this means is that Florida is a great place to head for a vacation virtually year round. And Orlando is certainly king when it comes to hospitality and tourism. If you’re looking for an opportunity to use your acting skills, many acting hopefuls head to Orlando to work at a theme park. Walt Disney World employees are called “cast members” and for good reason. Many will dress in period-specific costumes or character costumes for their entire day. Those who work as a character will remain in character whenever in that costume. It’s part of the magic of Disney. Walt Disney World is not the only theme park looking for talent, Universal Studios home to Harry Potter World takes a similar approach to entertaining their guests. Expect to find employees wearing Harry Potter house-specific garb and walking around with plenty of personality. Orlando also has 68,543 hotel rooms- meaning there are a number of job opportunities available to hotel workers, hotel managers, and hotel cleaners. Orlando also has a vibrant downtown where you’ll find a number of hospitality jobs in the restaurant industry including the nightclub and bar sector. There’s something for everyone in Orlando.

  • Entertainment Score: 2
  • Cost of Living:79.53/li>

3.)Houston, Texas

Houston Texas is a great place to head if you are looking for a hospitality job. Houston’s economy is growing, and the cost of living remains below the national average. Houston attracts young professionals with extra income, business meetings, conventions, families and more. With such a wide-range of demographics moving to and living in Houston, it’s no surprise that the hospitality industry is massive. There are over 50,000 hotel rooms in Houston which means ample opportunity for employment in a hotel whether as a hotel manager, caterer or otherwise. As Houston rapidly attracts more and more young families, you will find growing opportunities that are family friendly. There are a wide range of tourism-related jobs including jobs in museums, the zoo, space center, aquarium and so much more. Brewery tours have become popular across the United States, and Houston is offering some fantastic spots to head and sip a beer- a great opportunity for any individual who loves working in that scene. Additionally, there’s a very active nightlife in Houston with plenty of live music to boot. Why not pair your passion with a career in the service industry? Like any major city, food is a big deal in Houston and as more and diverse people move into this sprawling city, expect to find jobs at all types of restaurants including American and Ethnic cuisines. If you’re looking for an affordable city that’s filled with hospitality job opportunities, try Houston.

  • Entertainment Score: 13
  • Cost of Living:75.4

4.)San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is our most affordable city on the list- with a cost of living score of 62.5 which is well below the national average. San Antonio packs quite a lot in when it comes to hospitality and tourism and so much of that has to do with San Antonio’s natural charm. San Antonio is very much a Southwestern town which is visible the moment you set foot into this charming city. Now the 7th largest city in the U.S. it should come as no surprise that San Antonio is a very popular destination for tourists and remains a favorite hangout spot for locals. The River Walk feels like a Southwestern villa and houses conventions, is the location of many popular restaurants, and a popular destination for families. If you love tourism and history you may have some luck finding a job at San Antonio Missions Historical Park, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another famous site and a great spot for tourism jobs is of course the Alamo Mission in San Antonio. Now a museum, if you have a love for tourism and history this is a great place to work! San Antonio also has 36,781 hotel rooms meaning ample opportunity for employment in the hospitality industry. Whatever your reasons for seeking employment in hospitality, San Antonio has something for all areas of interest.

  • Entertainment Score: 18
  • Cost of Living:62.5

5.)Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is growing! There is so much to do in around Phoenix and the economy is on the rise. Speaking of on the rise, have you ever wanted to take a tour in a hot air balloon? You can do that near Phoenix. Have you ever wanted to explore the Grand Canyon? You can also do that near Phoenix. If you love adventure, chances are you will love the hospitality jobs available in Phoenix. Navajo reservations, ancient ruins, glorious canyons, and miles of virtually untouched dessert ready for exploration are just a few reasons tourists come to Phoenix. Phoenix has a growing nightlife and includes something for all types of partygoers. You can work as a bartender either serving cocktails or serving cheap beers in a dive bar. There are plenty of live music venues and places to go dancing. There’s even a book themed bar that just opened in Central Phoenix. If you are looking to make a career in bars and nightclubs, Phoenix is the place to be as the scene is ever-rising. But the cost of living, however, is not rising. As a matter of fact, Phoenix is our second most affordable location after San Antonio with a cost of living score at just 69.08- much below the national average. And after a long day of exploring and a long night downtown, tourists have over 62,000 places to lay their heads. That’s right, there are over 62,000 hotel rooms located across the city meaning ample opportunity for hospitality jobs. If you are looking for a job in the hospitality industry and are interested in being apart of an emerging scene with great natural surroundings, Phoenix is the perfect place.

  • Entertainment Score:21
  • Cost of Living:69.08

6.)New York, New York

In “The Big Apple” there are big opportunities for hospitality jobs. Chances are if you’ve moved to New York City, you’re the type of person who loves hustle and bustle and diversity. New York offers some of the widest-range of things to do and people to see in the United States, and is by far the largest city by population. If you are looking to work in a restaurant you can’t throw a dime without hitting one. And in New York, expect to find restaurants that represent cuisine from all over the world. For those who want to focus their careers on nightlife, you won’t be struggling for night time jobs in “the city that never sleeps.” Bars, clubs, pubs, and dives are ample throughout New York including each of its five boroughs. This is a great opportunity to pair what you love with a job you can readily find. Want to listen in on the next best comedian, find a job at a comedy club in Greenwich Village. Do you love being around the world’s finest classically-trained musicians, why not sell tickets at Carnegie Hall? What about architecture- in New York there are so many famous landmarks that almost every skyscraper has a tour guide and a gift shop accompaniment. The same can be said for jobs in a museum- you can work as a tour guide, a curator, a sales clerk in the museum gift shop, or a cocktail waiter in the museum cocktail bar. As a world-class city, New York is highly desirable and is certainly our most expensive city when it comes to cost of living, but with so many world famous landmarks and performers, we think New York is worth the investment. At the end of a long day there are well over 100,000 hotel rooms for visitors. If you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime in one of the world’s greatest cities, a hospitality job in New York City may be the way to go.

  • Entertainment Score: 4
  • Cost of Living:100

7.)Austin, Texas

Austin has been keeping it weird for decades and is one of the hippest cities in America. Though the capital of Texas, Austinites like to think their culture is quite a bit different than other places. You will still find some of the country’s best BBQ and Tex Mex. This is still Texas, after all. The economy has been on the rise for quite some time and Austin is growing and sprawling. Along with the sprawl comes greater opportunity for employment in the hospitality industry. Let’s start with food- Austinites and tourists alike love to eat out in Austin. There are plenty of restaurants for all sorts of pallets including sushi, Thai, BBQ and Indian. Drinks and food go hand in hand, and chances are if you’re looking to work in a restaurant in Austin you will have to be somewhat familiar with their bar menu. Austinites love to cutloose on the evenings and in the weekends and with such a big economy are not afraid of splashing a little cash. Expect to find regulars and newcomers intertwined in this ever-evolving city. The live music scene in Austin is one of the most famous in the country and brings in a wide range of local and touring acts. This is a fun town to work in the service industry as there’s always an opportunity to hear the new waves of sounds that pass through. And if hotels and inns are your thing, then you’ve struck gold in Austin. There are over 36,000 hotel rooms many with some quirky flair and fun vibes that help to keep Austin weird. Even though Austin has seen a major change in terms of populations and general makeup of the city, the cost of living still remains reasonable. The time to move to Austin was yesterday! If you’re looking for a great lifestyle in a fun city that has ample hospitality and tourism jobs, Austin is a fun pick!

  • Entertainment Score: 14
  • Cost of Living:74.07

8.)Dallas, Texas

We did a double take when we saw Dallas, but not because we were surprised that there were a plethora of hospitality jobs, because we were surprised by Dallas’ advancements. Believe it or not Dallas is probably our most futuristic pick for best places to get a hospitality job. The patrons of Dallas both locals and visitors alike are starting to upgrade. Grab a job in Dallas now, before a robot snatches it from you- we are kidding of course, but Dallas may not be far behind that. The best way we can describe Dallas is that Dallas is an experimental mashup that has a lot of money to spend. You will find some quirky places to work like the MADI art gallery- a 3 dimensional colorful moving parts type of art space. Yes, even the art galleries are interactive in Dallas. Are you ready to try your hand driving valet? It may be a little difficult to find the car keys as many residents from North Texas prefer microchip implants to something you are going to lose again and again. Dallas is a very interesting place where you have ample opportunity to pair your unique interests with a hospitality job to match. If you love sales, there are some fantastic spots to sell your wares or the wares of other local artists. Theaters are packed night in and night out offering a great experience for you as usher, sales clerk or bartender. As one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, individuals can afford to splash out a lot at night. Dallas has a very eclectic and eccentric nightlife. Surprised by some of these descriptions of Dallas? So were we! If you’re looking to get a job in the hospitality industry, stop what you’re doing and head to Dallas immediately. It’s a fascinating town that is oh so welcoming to newcomers and still very affordable.

  • Entertainment Score: 15
  • Cost of Living:70.2

9.)Atlanta, Georgia

If you love fun, sport, and culture, then you have got to head to Atlanta. Atlanta has been booming for quite some time with no signs of slowing down. This Southern City played an important role in the Civil War and still retains quite a lot of its Southern charm. Though over the years Atlanta has become quite metropolitan and welcomes in all walks of life. If you’re looking for a hospitality job, you could start by looking for a position in a hotel. There are over 22,000 hotel rooms across the city of Atlanta where you’ll find jobs as a staff member or a manager. The major sports franchises provide another great opportunity for employment. Major leagues mean major job variety including running summer camps, planning day events for kids, tourism, food service, and more. As a major hub city you will find art galleries and museums that cater to tourists from all across the globe. Within these unique galleries and museums expect to find a number of exciting hospitality jobs in the adjoining gift shops and bars. Atlanta has a population of 602,400 people who all seem to love their nightlife. You will find ample opportunity working in night clubs, cocktail bars, and dives pouring nightcaps of all of the tourists and locals alike. If you love the South and are looking for a prosperous place to live with a top-notch economy, Atlanta is hot right now!

  • Entertainment Score: 8
  • Cost of Living:76.09

10.)Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the third most populated city in America and has thousands of opportunities for individuals looking to work in the hospitality industry. If you’re interested in restaurant service, hotel management, nightlife, event planning, catering, tourism and everything in between, come and live in Chicago. And regardless of being a major world culture center, Chicago has a lower cost of living than other major metropolitan cities. In 2016 Chicago hosted over 54 million visitors. The tourism industry is huge in Chicago and rightly so thanks to landmarks like Art Institute of Chicago, Museum Campus, Lincoln Park Zoo, Museum of Science and History and the Sears tower. There is ample opportunity to find jobs working in any one of Chicago’s famous landmarks. When you think of Chicago cuisine, what do you think of? For many it’s their deep dish pizza and for others it’s the huge range of international cuisines available at every price point. There are restaurant jobs available at all types of establishment, and Chicago is a great source of inspiration for those aspiring to open their very own place. Beer culture is huge in the Midwest, and Chicagoans are no different- if you’re looking for a hospitality job as a bartender you’ll find ample opportunity across Chicagoland. Chicago has over 47,000 hotel rooms and with the new developments that number grows every day. If you’re looking for an affordable major metropolitan city that is well connected to a wide-range of hospitality jobs, Chicago is fantastic pick.

  • Entertainment Score: 11
  • Cost of Living:84.51

The 10 Best Cities for Conventions

Whether for business or entertainment, chances are you have been to a convention. What makes a convention so special? When it comes to entertainment, the quirky people who show up to participate are just as entertaining as the panel of speakers. For the business and professional-minded, conventions are an opportunity to learn about the most cutting edge advancements in your field or serve as a place to ‘convene’ and imagine for yourselves what those advancements can and should be. But if you’re traveling in for a convention, you’ll want to have more than just the convention itself to look forward too. After all, learning about the latest in the field doesn’t require a convention, much of that information can be found online. The purpose of conventions is to meet and to connect with others in your field or area of interest, and where do all of the ideas coalesce? Well, partially outside of the convention itself- over coffees, over dinners, while exploring, and over drinks. We selected our 10 best cities for conventions and based our score on affordability, conference space, and WalletHub’s entertainment index. If you’re scratching your head wondering… “where’s the next spot for a great team building experience?” we recommend taking a look at our 10 best cities for conventions below.

1.)Las Vegas, Nevada

“What happens in Vegas..” includes just about everything. Las Vegas is the prime location for individuals, companies, and organizations looking to pack their professional development experience with endless opportunities for fun. As the entertainment capital of the world, you won’t be want for things to do while you’re in town! If you’re looking to hit big, you hit the jackpot with Las Vegas- home to three of the ten biggest convention centers in the nation. And after a long day at the con and a long night downtown, you’ve got nearly 200 hotels (more hotels than Chicago) to choose from when you’re ready to call it a night. And Las Vegas draws in an extremely diverse crowd from participants in the NFR National Finals Rodeo, to gamers and techies alike at the Consumer Electronics Show. There are endless conventions that roll into town and it’s no wonder as Vegas is home to more than 3.2 million square feet of convention space. As if entertainment, convention space, and hotel accommodations weren’t enough reasons to high tail it to Vegas for your next convention, we have yet to mention the price. Vegas is one of the most affordable towns for hotels in the country with an average nightly expenditure of just around $102 per night. There’s something for everyone- including the kids- in the new City of Lights.

  • Average Nightly Cost: $102
  • Number of Hotel Rooms:141,688
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet:3,200,000

2.)Orlando, Florida

If you’re ready to head to Orlando for a convention, chances are you have a whimsical side. This sunny spot also known as “O Town” is the perfect city to both let loose, and get down to business. Whether winding your way down a rollercoaster or navigating through your next big business idea, Orlando has something for all types of convention goers. And, there are over 250 hotels in which to unwind after a sun-filled day packed with events. That’s huge for Orlando that has a population of just over 277,000 people particularly when compared to a city like Dallas that has five times the population of Orlando and just 155 hotels. With over 2 million square feet of convention space, O Town can literally welcome in all types of convention-goers. Orlando is home to a wide range of conventions- from infinity to beyond- including the Megacon, Leadership Retreats, Sustainability Symposium, Brazil America Summit, and so many more. No one will be turned away for price as Orlando additionally offers one of the most affordable average nightly costs for hotel rooms. Whether you make it down to O Town to professionally develop your work team or to try Cosplay for the very first time, you will not be disappointed. Just be sure to pack some good walking shoes, your favorite sunglasses, and if you really want to look like the locals, a pair of mouse ears wouldn’t go amiss either.

  • Average Nightly Cost:$124
  • Number of Hotel Rooms:68,543
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet:2,100,000

3.)Atlanta, Georgia

Hotlanta is heating up alright as one of the fastest growing large cities in the United States. Atlanta is now a key spot for convention goers as it is such a major hub. This gateway to the South is literally just a 2 hour flight for the vast majority of the population of the United States. The entertainment and convention districts are each located in the conveniently walkable downtown. Transportation in and around the city is as easy breezy as the people of Atlanta are laid back- also nicknamed “Peach City” for its recognizably friendly locals and of course the region-specific plantlife. There are 92 hotels in which to hang your head with over 22,000 rooms. Atlanta is a great spot for all of your business meetup needs, but shines in other unique areas as well. Did you know that Atlanta prides itself on some of its homemade conventions? When tourists arrive, they’re not just in town to tour the city, they make the trip for some of the Atlanta-specific conventions that are reasons to visit in an other themselves. Love sci fi and fantasy? You can’t miss DragonCon. Are you a maker yourself? Atlanta is the spot to showcase at the famous American Craft Show. Business. Pleasure. Work. Leisure. There’s something for everyone in A-Town.

  • Average Nightly Cost: $149
  • Number of Hotel Rooms:$22,614
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet:3,900,000

4.)San Diego, California

Why would San Diego get the nickname “America’s finest city?” I wonder if it has anything to do with the 92 golf courses, 70 miles of beach, and dozens of unique and distinct cultural neighborhoods. Whether you’re in love with nature, the cultural amenities of a developed downtown, or just good ole fashioned sun and surf, San Diego is a great place to gather. When you arrive by plane, you’re already nearly there as the international airport is situated less than just 3 miles from downtown. Once in San Diego, you have 210 meeting hotels from which to choose, and a long list of world famous attractions to squeeze in between meetings. For a taste of the local flare, try the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Legoland California, the Natural History Museum, or Mission Beach. No need to wonder if your convention is going to overlap with other in town as San Diego boasts over 2.6 million square feet of convention room space. It would be of no surprise if you were one of the thousands of people making a trip to San Diego specifically for a convention as San Diego is home to what is now labeled San Diego Comic-Con International- one of the biggest Comic Cons in the world. Whatever your purpose for convening, San Diego has got you covered.

  • Average Nightly Cost: $157
  • Number of Hotel Rooms:36,258
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet: 2,600,000

5.)Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and home to Wrigley Field, Art Institute of Chicago, Lincoln Park Zoo, and some very thick slices of pizza. With so much going on in every neighborhood, you’ll be hard-pressed to find some downtime. Though Chicago has got you covered there with over 170 hotels and a total of 47,891 sleeping rooms. Business is a big reason to mingle in Chicago as over 45 million people are literally within one day of journey. In fact, Chicago is the busiest destination for overnight travelers in the United States. With major cities often comes major price tags, but that’s not exactly the case here. The average cost for a hotel room in Chicago is less than $200 per night which is 40% lower compared to similarly-sized cities. Conventions in Chicago are as diverse as the city’s neighborhoods and include some famous comics conventions like CAKE, C2E2, and Anime Central. But Chicago isn’t just for the person who likes to cosplay, nearly every major expo and convention has made its way to Chicago at some point in history. You’ll get swept away with excitement,relaxation, and endless possibilities the next time your host your convention in the Windy City.

  • Average Nightly Cost:$186
  • Number of Hotel Rooms:47,891
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet: 3,200,000

6.)New York, New York

New York, the Big Apple, is by far the largest city in America. With well over 8 million residents, New York towers over every other American city when it comes to population. It may be of no surprise that New York City is a major destination for conventions but not from just nationals, but international travelers as well. This city is served by three airports: LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy International, and Newark Liberty. With such a robust infrastructure and international allure, New York can house conventions of all shapes and sizes. And the city that never sleeps isn’t called that because it lacks hotel space. There are over 650 hotels and more bed and breakfasts added almost every day. Convention space in New York City can be rather, well, unconventional. Business people like to hold their conventions in places like Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, and the Javits Center. The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center spans six city blocks and over 840,000 square feet with 102 meeting rooms in total. Not everything has to be big in the big apple- you’ll find people gathered in small cozy cafes, restaurants, and at the top of famous cultural centers like Rockefeller. Whatever your interest, chances are, there’s a convention for it in New York City including some of the more popular cons like NY Comic Con, and BookCon, and some of the lesser known conventions like BrunchCon, and Flame Con.

  • Average Nightly Cost: $282
  • Number of Hotel Rooms:113,693
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet:2,100,000

7.)San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio welcomes over 26 million visitors each year thanks to its charming downtown, natural beauty, and festive vibes. All amenities are accessible by foot, boat, or cab. The Alamo is not the only draw into San Antonio as the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center has won the gold award for over 25 years straight according to Meetings and Conventions Magazine. Walk along the river and you’ll find thousands of hotel rooms. In fact, there are over 36,000 hotel room. Perhaps the icing on the cake is that you can stay in a culturally rich, safe, and walkable city for on average just (on average) $121 per night. When all that is said and done, a culturally diverse city usually means something for everyone which is certainly true when you look at San Antonio’s exciting conventions calendar that includes ARTS San Antonio, San Antonio Boat Show, Student Veterans of America, the World Fantasy Convention and much more. If you’re ready to grab the bull by the horns, this convention season head to the world famous Riverwalk in San Antonio.

  • Average Nightly Cost:$121
  • Number of Hotel Rooms:36,537
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet:1,600,000

8.)Houston, Texas

Houston is booming. The robust economy continues to draw in major talent and individuals looking for opportunity. In 2005 after Hurricane Katrina wiped out the city of New Orleans, Houston became known as the “Big Heart” a nickname it would earn for its tremendous humanitarian efforts and welcoming accommodating nature. Houston not only has as big heart for people who visit, it is also just well, big. This sprawling city means that there’s plenty of space for conventions. There is over one million square feet of convention space in Houston and nearly 400 hotels to choose from. We love the price too- an average night stay in Houston is just $135 a night making this not only a welcoming place to come and meet up but an affordable one as well. Chances are if you’re in Texas, you’ll want to “go big or go home,” so once your time at the convention has wrapped up there are plenty of sights to explore right in the heart of downtown. When it’s dinner time, yes you will find some ribs and steak to sink your teeth into, but Houston has become more than just a place to get steak- it’s becoming popular by tourists from all over the world so expect to find your fair share of international cuisine as well. For a great trip with plenty to do, Houston is definitely a convention king.

  • Average Nightly Cost: $135
  • Number of Hotel Rooms:51,781
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet: 1,200,000

9.) Phoenix, Arizona

It doesn’t matter what time of the year, it’s always a good time for a convention in Phoenix. You will bask in the Valley of the Sun come winter, spring summer or fall as the average temperature year round is about 75 degrees. The population of Phoenix has recently risen to over 1.6 million people and counting and is ready to accommodate any and all of your convention needs. Chances are if you’re in Phoenix, not only will you have time to meet up, but need to take a little extra time for an excursion- make your excursion in a car or in a Hot Air balloon. You and your business partners can discuss everything you’ve learned at the con while floating in the sky above the Sedona desert. If you’re still thirsty for more, take your convention a little further out to the Grand Canyon where you can do some team building exercises while trekking up and down this phenomenal land formation. If that’s too much- no sweat! Downtown Phoenix has a vibrant nightlife to enjoy while you unwind from the morning’s activities. All are welcome in Arizona’s Urban Heart.

  • Average Nightly Cost: $124
  • Number of Hotel Rooms:62,000
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet: 900,000

10.) New Orleans, Louisiana

Whether you know New Orleans as “The Big Easy” “The Birthplace of Jazz” or your favorite spot to get some local cuisine, New Orleans is an American cultural anomaly- so unique that visiting New Orleans is on practically everyone’s bucket list. Luckily for convention goers, you get the best of the big easy right in the heart of downtown. The French Quarter and all of its vibrant charms is just a few blocks by foot, streetcar, or pedicab from one of the main convention centers. With local restaurants treated like places of honor by locals, skip the hotel finger foods and head out to grab yourself some shrimp and grits, and round it off with a beignet and a cafe au lait. When you’ve finished meeting with colleagues for business, New Orleans is the perfect place to get to know your co-workers on less formal terms. There are hundreds of bars located in just a few blocks, and plenty of live music at famous clubs like Preservation Hall, House of Blues, and Tipitina’s. For a great team-building experience and fun memories that will last you a lifetime, New Orleans is the perfect place to laissez les bon temps rouler.

  • Average Nightly Cost: $138
  • Number of Hotel Rooms: 23,082
  • Convention Center Space by Square Feet: 1,100,000

How Do I Become a Tour Guide?

If you’ve ever taken a tour of a historic landmark, a neighborhood of a city, or through an art installation, you may well know the wonder of having the very framework through which you perceive your visit transformed. Good tour guides can give you your historical, architectural, culinary, or aesthetic bearings in a place you have never been. They can take a day trip from interesting to downright enriching. And they play the role of educator and curator of good times with equal fervor. Now all of this depends on the setting you’re trying to become a tour guide in. But generally speaking, tour guides operate where there are publicly available attractions and many tourists. Take the French Quarter in New Orleans, or Pike Place Market in Seattle; both are areas of historical, cultural, and enterintainment interest where it can help to have a guide to show you around. There are of course many other settings in which tour guides operate: safari trips, haunted historic homes, large parks, cruise lines, and so forth. But unless you have access to private locations worth touring, the lowest barrier of entry for becoming a tour guide is in starting your own tour or finding a tour agency.

Step One: Stake out the Opportunities

This is the first and most general step of assessing whether you might have some good guide opportunities around you. Chances are you’ve already answered a number of the following questions, and you’re seeking additional information on becoming a tour guide. But in case you haven’t, here are a few questions to ask while determining a general plan for getting into guiding tours.

  • What locations near me are people likely to want tours of?
  • Do I have (or can I obtain) enough knowledge on the subject of the tour to craft a quality tour?
  • How can I differentiate my tour?
  • What is the competition like?
  • What are my costs and how much can I charge for giving tours?

Alternatively, there are many tour companies as well as large employers who seek tour guides. Common locations that seek tour guides include cruise ships, historic locations, professional sports teams, natural destinations, and resorts. If you’re looking to join an existing tour company, you’ll need at least complementary knowledge of what the tour covers, the willingness and ability to learn what the tour covers, and an entertaining and amicable demeanor. If you really want to cover all of your bases, the International Tour Management Institute offers yearly training on tour management, and many hospitality management and recreation management degree programs cover tours in coursework.

Step Two: Study Up, On the Tour and Regulations

Particularly if you’re planning on launching your own tour, you’ll need to create your routine and check with the applicable authorities. Directing a crowd around private locations will almost always require the consent of the owners of the location, while some public settings will regulate “street side” business dealings like the giving of a tour. In certain tourist-heavy destinations becoming a tour guide requires a license with the city or state. The following destinations require some sort of exam and licensure for guiding tours:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • New York, NY
  • Savannah, GA
  • Charleston, SC
  • Gettysburg Battlefield, PA
  • Vicksburg Battlefield, MI
  • New Orleans, LA

Depending on the nature of the tour and particularly tours that utilize vehicles or take visitors into potentially hazerdous locations will also likely need insurance coverage. For small or upstart tour companies, it is likely that the optimal way to mitigate risk is to establish an LLC through which some funding may be gathered and insurance taken out.

Step Three: Advertise

For most tour companies to begin making a living wage, multiple tours a day need to be booked. This means that you’ll likely quickly exhaust the number of clients you may find through word of mouth. Most tourist-heavy locations are loaded with locations for pamphlets, announcements, and flyers. Many dense areas also provide opportunities for tour guides to congregate in a crowded area before commencing the tour to gather customers. Furthermore, online review sites such as Yelp or FourSquare provide great opportunities to build up a reputation among tourists searching for tours. And finally (as we’ll cover more detail in the next section), many resorts, hotels, or local tourist-heavy locations recommend a small subset of local amenaties to their customers. Partnering up with local institutions can be a great way to obtain a steady flow of interested tour customers.

Step Four: Partnerships

While many great tours exist in public locations that don’t require additional partnerships, partnerships can help elevate your tour in two ways: access to private attractions and a steady flow of customers. Many historic or cultural locations monetize through hosting events and allowing tours through their property. If a location fits into the subject matter of your tour, then it can be a win-win situation to team up with local destinations. Common arrangements include giving locations a cut of your tour proceeds, or paying some discounted bulk rate for access to the location at regular intervals. The inclusion of exclusive locations on your tour then makes your tour even more of a draw.

A second way in which partnerships help in establishing a tour is by enabling you to obtain exclusive access to guests from out of town. Many hotels, resorts, or destinations have prefered partners that pay for ad space or more informal suggestions to guests looking for things to do. Next time you’re in a hotel check out the local amenaties in their guide book, chances are these are local businesses who have paid to be featured in what is often a go-to resource for visitors.

Step Five: Level Up

If you’ve established a popular tour, chances are there will come a time when you’ll need to hire other tour guides or find a way to manage the expansion of your offerings. Many tour companies employ tour directors or managers who deal with more strategic concerns such as advertising, partnerships, licensing, payment to contractors, and logistics. Many of these concerns are tackled in specializations of business and management degrees and particularly in hospitality management or recreation and tourism management degree programs. for a look at some of the best degree programs in hospitality management, check out our ranking page today!

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What Salary Can I Expect With a Tourism Management Degree?

Tourism took a punch during the Great Recession but has since sprung back to be bigger than ever. In 2012 international tourist arrivals exceeded one billion for the first time, and experts predict totals to reached 1.8 billion by 2030. No surprise, then, that business is booming. In 2016, travel & tourism made a global economic impact of nearly $8 trillion, and the hotel industry’s revenue was $550 billion. The United States is one of the largest tourist destinations in the world, accompanied by China, Mexico, Thailand, and a reliable stable of European countries, including Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and France (traditionally the most popular destination in the world).

As one of the world’s leading tourism markets (for both arrivals and departures), the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects significant hiring increases through 2026. Lodging managers, gaming managers, food service managers, and meeting, convention, and event planners – all jobs typically related to the tourism industry – are projected to see 10% occupation growth (faster than average). Management jobs in general – which might include roles like Hotel Manager or Tour Manager – will add over a half-a-million jobs, with a median salary starting in the low six-figures. Other titles pay even better. At the senior meeting and event director level, median salary hits $118,000. A Director of Hotel Sales earns a $160,000-$200,000 salary to lead a hotel’s sales, marketing, and product development projects.

Any of the above positions can be secured with a degree in tourism management, including associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. To get a better idea of what type of salary you can make with a tourism management degree, let’s take a look at individual degrees and typical corresponding positions’ pay.

What Salary Can I Expect With an Associate’s in Tourism Management

An associate’s degree in tourism management is a great way to kickstart your career. Associate’s degrees have a few benefits: first, coursework only lasts 1-2 years, and most programs are available on a full- or part-time basis for maximum flexibility to working professionals. Second, they’re affordable and career-oriented. In other words, every class you take in tourism management is aimed at developing specific real-world skills, which potential employers will prioritize. On the other hand, not every tourism professional needs a degree in the field, particularly workers at the entry-level. What matters is proven skills, and as far as that’s concerned, there’s no substitute for experience. So whether you choose an associate’s in tourism or prefer an on-the-job learning route, here’s a few entry-level tourism jobs worth considering.

  • Front Desk Clerk – Median Salary: $33,051
  • Guest Services Manager – Median Salary: $36,060
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager – Median Salary: $41,095
  • Meeting/Event Assistant – Median Salary: $48,380

What Salary Can I Expect With a Bachelor’s in Tourism Management

The bachelor’s in tourism management is the most popular degree in the field and offers the broadest career potential. Major core requirements typically consist of 36-45 credits, including Convention & Event Management, Food & Beverage Management, Front Office Management, International Business, Finance, Cross Cultural Communications, and Leadership & Management in Hospitality & Tourism. Most bachelor’s in tourism feature a business module, and internships or capstone projects are integrated to add a real-world component. The nice thing about a bachelor’s? For many tourism jobs, it’s all you need, even for upper-level roles. Again: the name of the game is experience. Many professionals begin who their tourism careers in entry-level roles – be it sales, marketing, hotel operations, or elsewhere – move up through the tourism ranks to earn managerial and upper-level titles that pay six-figure salaries. Below is a brief list of bachelor’s-level positions in tourism and their respective salaries.

  • Travel Clerk – Median Salary:
  • Travel Coordinator – Median Salary: $55,704
  • Travel Supervisor – Median Salary: $79,531
  • Travel Manager – Median Salary: $89,031
  • Marketing Coordinator – Median Salary: $52,078
  • Meeting/Event Planner – Median Salary: $60,286
  • Meeting/Event Manager – Median Salary: $75,684
  • Meeting/Event Director – Median Salary: $118,000
  • Maintenance Supervisor – Median Salary: $73,882
  • Hotel Manager Assistant – Median Salary: $55,518
  • Hotel Resident Manager – Median Salary: $70,496
  • Housekeeping Manager – Median Salary: $72,209
  • Hotel Manager – Median Salary: $103,534

What Salary Can I Expect With a Master’s in Tourism Management

A master’s in tourism management builds on the curriculum of the bachelor’s to create an interdisciplinary program of business and tourism courses. Typically 30-36 credits, courses include Organizational Management, Financial Management in Tourism, Global Tourism Policy, and Strategic Management for Tourism and Travel. Besides advanced coursework, the advantage of a master’s in tourism is that many programs offer specialization options. If you’re interested in the growing eco-tourism sector, look for a program in Sustainable Tourism. Other programs offer concentrations in Hospitality, Hotel Operations, Recreation, Event Management, and other areas. The other advantage of a master’s track? Higher pay. All master’s degrees in tourism management are designed to prepare students for managerial roles, and most are highly flexible to accommodate working professionals. If you’re making a career change, don’t worry: a master’s in tourism management generally doesn’t require experience in the industry, and students come from a variety of business, marketing, sales, and customer relations backgrounds. Below are a few potential career options and salaries for master’s grads.

  • Travel Supervisor – Median Salary: $79,531
  • Travel Manager – Median Salary: $89,031
  • Hotel Resident Manager – Median Salary: $70,732
  • Hotel Manager – Median Salary: $103,534
  • Head of Housekeeping – Median Salary: $84,008
  • Facilities Director – Median SalaryL: $115,335
  • Sales Director – Median Salary: $158,256
  • Operations Director – Median Salary: $163,950
  • Marketing Director – Median Salary: $134,901
  • Sales and Marketing Director – Median Salary: $147,275

What Salary Can I Expect With a Doctorate in Tourism Management

The PhD in Tourism is a rare degree, primarily pursued for academic purposes. As with all doctoral tracks, studies are self-directed and focus on performing original research: for example, the economics of tourism, the effect of tourism on global politics, tourism and multiculturalism, etc. Most graduates go on to careers in academia or areas like public policy, consulting, and non-profits. Of course, tourism PhD’s are eligible for any of the roles above, as well.

How Do I Become a Sous Chef?

The field of Hospitality and Management is becoming one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. More specifically, the food service industry is the top private employer in the nation and one of the most competitive in the marketplace. The restaurant business is looking for ambitious, industry-leading people that are looking to develop their careers. Consequently, sous chefs are among the positions high in demand.
Becoming a sous chef also comes with many opportunities to work up the ladder. A sous chef is, in essence, the executive chef’s right-hand, the manager of a kitchen operation and, as such, they can replace the chef de cuisine or executive chef when necessary. To become a sous chef, one has to of course be a great cook and to also be comfortable with the technical side of cooking such as knife skills or food plating. Not only does a sous chef have to be an excellent cook, they also must have leadership and management skills. In order to manage a team of people, one has to have good people skills to not only lead but also train other cooks. Additionally, an aspiring sous chef should be familiar with all the positions fulfilled by other cooks. Indeed, you should be skilled in all the different aspects of the kitchen–from prepping to making sauces and more–but also at understanding business operations. Lastly, you have to be someone who is not afraid of working hard and long hours, which also implies that you have to be reliable and in good physical health. The sous chef is the indispensable second-in-command, and if you are someone who is methodical, an efficient administrator, and a good manager, this career may be for you.

Job Responsibilities and Future Prospects for Sous-Chefs

Armed with years of experience, a sous chef has extensive knowledge of his craft and prepares dishes under the guidance of the chef.
As the chef’s direct assistant, the sous chef will also participate in the following tasks:

  • menu development
  • selection of suppliers
  • reception of goods
  • staff training
  • in some cases, the hiring process

When replacing the executive chef, the sous chef takes control of managing the entire kitchen. One of the features that greatly differentiates the sous chef from a line cook is that he has to be willing to assume any role needed, from preparing meals to washing dishes, to handling a crisis, whereas the line cook typically operates the same station every day. Not only does a sous chef have to be a leader but they have to also be a team player. Indeed, as the frontline of the kitchen, the sous chef has to have good people skills in order to manage and interact with a team on a daily basis.
Under the supervision of the chef, the sous chef will further develop their leadership skills until they are offered the opportunity to become an executive sous chef, chef, or start their own venture.

Salaries and Employment Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for Sous Chefs, particularly with a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts, is typically around $44,958 a year. Of course, salaries vary greatly based on years of experience, and the restaurant standing, structure, and location. The BLS also predicts that employment in the field will increase by 9% between 2014 and 2024. As a sous chef, you will have the opportunity to work in diverse areas of the restaurant industry. In larger establishments, sous chefs may work along many other sous chefs under an executive chef, or they may be completely in charge of a specific unit such as the pool bar or the snack bar. Either way, a sous chef has many opportunities to grow within the same restaurant or take his expertise elsewhere for a higher salary.

Using Your Education to Become a Sous Chef

Aspiring sous chefs may choose to go to culinary school and/or choose a targeted degree program that blends basic cooking skills with management education. Although there’s no formal education required, getting an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in the field of Culinary Arts will likely open doors to better job prospects. Additionally, those with some cooking experience may elect to pursue a hospitality management degree at the associate’s or bachelor’s levels. These degrees will give you more of the management, planning, and organizational knowledge needed to move up to the head of the kitchen. You will gain hands-on experience through apprenticeships and a wide variety of networking opportunities. Additionally, you will learn the front- and back-of-the-house management skills necessary to optimize a restaurant’s operation. Another major advantage of opting for a degree in Hospitality Management is the opportunity to participate in paid internships and access to career fairs. Furthermore, larger hotel/restaurant chains often require some level of higher education. With a degree in the field of Hospitality Management, you will gain a robust understanding of the Restaurant and Foodservice sector with a focus on the business and operational side of the industry. More specifically, you will acquire the skills and best practices to get ahead in the culinary business such as food preparation, food safety, restaurant leadership/teamwork strategies, and supply and procurement management, to name a few. Additionally, you will acquire theoretical knowledge and interpersonal skills while gaining invaluable experience.

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Unique Bed and Breakfasts in Every State in America

Enjoying a memorable getaway is one of life’s greatest pleasures. More than half of Americans’ travels are undertaken purely for recreation and relaxation. For the most intimate and personal travel experience, a bed and breakfast is the way stay. And for the most memorable travel experience, you’ll want to stay in a bed and breakfast that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Have you ever stayed the night in a room inside a giant wooden beagle? How about a luxury suite in a cave? You’ll never forget the time you stayed in a haunted lighthouse or an underwater bed and breakfast. Read on to find the most offbeat and unique bed and breakfast your state has to offer. Fair warning- you may find it difficult to go back to the predictable comforts of a chain hotel once you’ve gone off the beaten track and stayed in one of these weird, wonderful and truly unique bed and breakfasts.

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Alabama

AnchorLight Bed and Breakfast in Alabama

Is playing lighthouse keeper on your bucket list? The AnchorLight Bed and Breakfast on Alabama’s Smith Lake would make a great romantic getaway or family retreat. The lighthouse towers 53 feet tall, and was built specifically as a lodging by the owner, Captain John, a former merchant marine and tugboat captain. There are three rooms available, with seafaring names like The Barn’acle room and The Lamproom. Guests who stay in this unique bed and breakfast will get a kick out of the nautical dŽcor, which includes a ship’s masthead, steering wheel and lanterns. A screened porch, “The Wharf”, has rocking chairs and a porch swing where you can relax and take in the uninterrupted view of the lake. You’re free to use the provided inflatable kayak to explore the lake and even paddle around a small nearby island.

  • Website
  • Rates: $80 to $150 per night, plus $25 for breakfast for two
  • Location: Crane Hill, Alabama
  • At a Glance: a lighthouse bed and breakfast on Alabama’s Lake Smith

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Alaska

The Aurora Express Bed and Breakfast in Alaska

For every little boy (or girl!) who’s harbored an obsession with trains, this offbeat bed and breakfast in Alaska is not to be missed. The Aurora Express Bed and Breakfast is housed inside a real train, nestled on sixteen and one half acres of spruce forest overlooking the Tanana River and Alaskan Mountain. Each train car has been stripped and refurbished, and features a theme to highlight the history of Alaska. Choices include Bordello, Gold Mine, Immaculate Conception and others, each with whimsical and over-the-top dŽcor. Enjoy your breakfast in the dining car and take in its arched, ten-foot-tall ceilings and seriously majestic mural of a bald eagle soaring through the northern lights.

  • Website
  • Rates: $165-$185 for 1-2 guests, up to $248 for 4 guests
  • Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
  • At a Glance: an bed and breakfast inside a train honoring the history of Alaska

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Arizona

 Mollohan Castle bed and breakfast in Arizona

We’re not sure if the self-proclaimed “World Famous Mollohan Castle” is actually world-famous, but it probably should be. This zany and utterly unique bed and breakfast in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert is shaped like a castle, and boasts four stories of wacky medieval rooms. There’s a dungeon (complete with plastic skeleton), moat, and drawbridge. In the mood for modern entertainment? Guests who stay in this unique bed and breakfast can make use of the outdoor pool table or flat screen TV. There’s nothing funny about the views from the topmost tower- the sunset views of the Tuscon Mountains from the topmost tower are nothing short of spectacular.

  • Website
  • Rates: $295 per night
  • Location: Tuscon, Arizona
  • At a Glance: a wacky castle-style bed and breakfast in the Arizona desert

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Arkansas

Turpentine Creek in Arkansas

Traditionally, a bed and breakfast is a private house which the owners have opened to paid guests, sharing their home and hospitality. As a guest at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, you’ll be sharing the abode of dozens of tigers, leopards, cougars and other rescued big cats who live on the premises. Each animal has an enclosure that meets the highest standards of humane care, and you’ll be free to visit, observe their daily care routines or take a guided tour. This unique bed and breakfast has two “Safari Suites,” a camping area and even a treehouse rental. If you love the outdoors as much as you love animals, there is abundant hiking nearby, as well as some spectacular nearby caves and caverns to visit. If a treehouse, live tigers and spelunking don’t make for a memorable trip, we don’t know what would.

  • Website
  • Rates: $175 per night
  • Location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  • At a Glance:a bed and breakfast in Arkansas that’s home to lions and tigers

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in California

The Victorian Mansion bed and breakfast in California

Oftentimes, the most unique bed and breakfasts tend towards the tacky. While we appreciate the merits of kitsch, there’s something special about the oddball elegance of the Victorian Mansion at Los Alamos. California is known for both wealth and eccentric visionaries, and it’s no surprise that this state is home to a unique bed and breakfast in an historic Victorian mansion that specializes in “luxury theme suites.” You can stay in an Egyptian room, complete with sarcophagus and papyrus carvings, or a pirate room with treasure chest and cannons. There’s even a Gypsy suite with an actual caravan. Each room features themed murals, sunken tubs, grottoes, fireplaces, and in-room massage services. Want something more? You can add on chilled champagne, a cheese plate, or even a trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom. For the quirky and romantic, it’s hard to imagine a better getaway than this unique bed and breakfast.

  • Website
  • Rates: $245 to $275 per night
  • Location: Los Alamos, California
  • At a Glance: a romantic bed and breakfast in California for eccentric elegance

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Colorado

Four Mile Creek Bed and Breakfast

Tucked away in a quiet valley is Four Mile Ranch, a homestead that seems to have survived unchanged since the 1800’s, and is in the National Registry of Historic Places. There’s a old-fashioned and truly unique bed and breakfast in the ranch, where guests can stay in either of two log cabins, a suite in the barn or a bedroom in the main house. There’s a creek on the grounds and beautiful wooded areas for strolling. If you’re visiting in the colder months, there’s excellent skiing nearby at Sunlight Mountain Ski Resort.

  • Website
  • Rates: $160 to $170 per night
  • Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  • At a Glance:an historic bed and breakfast with log cabins and a barn

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Connecticut

A Geodesic Dome Bed and Breakfast in Connecticut

If the thought of a Geodesic Dome calls to mind a futuristic city, you’ll be surprised by the humble coziness of this little structure nestled in the Connecticut woods. The owners constructed it from pine harvested on the property, and it’s located about 100 feet from the main house. There are beautiful furnishings, including a four-post bed, but guests will need to use the bathroom in the main house. Breakfast includes fresh, organic produce, and guests of this unique bed and breakfast can tour the owners’ organic farm during their stay. At a rate of just $18 per night, guests can afford to settle in and unplug for long while.

  • Website
  • Rates:$18 per night
  • Location:Bethlehem, Connecticut
  • At a Glance:a Geodesic Dome retreat for getting back to nature

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Delaware

The Towers Bed and Breakfast in Delaware

For every little girl (or boy!) who’s imagined living in the turret of a bright pink castle, The Towers is a dream come true. The building was built in 1783 in the Victorian “Painted Lady” style, and today is a unique bed and breakfast with elegant rooms in period style. Guests can choose from the “Bird’s Nest Suite” and “Rapunzel Suite,” among other fanciful titles, and each with its own special antique amenities, such as a fireplace, grand piano, claw footed bathtub or stained glass windows. There are beaches nearby at Cape Henlopen State Park and world-class bird watching at Bombay Hook, the largest National Wildlife Refuge on the East Coast.

  • Website
  • Rates: $135 to $175 per night
  • Rates: Milford, Delaware
  • At a Glance: a quirky Victorian bed and breakfast in Delaware

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Florida

Jules' Undersea Lodge in Florida

The United States is home to a multitude of quirky, offbeat and unique bed and breakfasts. But there’s only one place in the nation you can rent a room underwater: Jules’ Undersea Lodge. This one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast in Florida is sunk 30 feet underwater in Emerald Lagoon. Guests will have to be scuba certified on order to stay, since they will be swimming down to the entrance (a certification program is offered on site). The lodge was once a marine research center, and rooms are snug, but guests will enjoy the unique porthole windows, through which fish can be seen. In addition to a continental breakfast, a stay includes a pizza dinner, delivered via scuba diver. An underwater sleepover pizza party? That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Website
  • Rates: $800 per night for two, includes diving gear and dinner
  • Location: Key Largo, Florida
  • At a Glance: an underwater bed and breakfast in a Florida lagoon

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Georgia

The Social Goat Bed and Breakfast in Georgia

“Southern charm” hardly begins to describe the appeal of this quaint, hospitable and wonderfully unique bed and breakfast. The main inn was built in 1900 as a Queen Anne Victorian to accommodate the family’s 13 children. The grounds have a miniature barnyard, koi pond, gardens and miniature barnyard with pygmy goats, turkeys, ducks and chickens. Sunny, elegant rooms can be rented in the main house, carriage house and a nearby cottage. Breakfast includes eggs from the resident hens, and sweet tea is provided throughout the day. Though the atmosphere is that of a small farmhouse, this unique bed and breakfast is actually located in downtown Atlanta, within walking distance of Grant Park, the Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama and the Atlanta Zoo.

  • Website
  • Rates: $130 to $240 per night
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • At a Glance: a unique bed and breakfast with barnyard animals in the midst of downtown Atlanta

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Hawaii

The Inn at Kulaniapia, a Unique Bed and Breakfast in Hawaii

There’s no shortage of natural beauty in Hawaii, even when it comes to spectacular waterfalls like the 120-foot lava rock waterfall at the Inn at Kulaniapia Falls. What makes this bed and breakfast in Hawaii so unique is the opportunity to experience this natural beauty up close and personal, by repelling down the side of the falls with the inn’s “adventure team.” Adventurous guests will enjoy a safe, exhilarating and very wet descent down the face of the cliff to the pristine river pool below. The inn itself overlooks the falls, and occupies 22 lush acres of natural vegetation. The building and interiors feature Asian-inspired style and lots of bamboo. The included breakfast is locally sourced, including the coffee. Few places on the island aim to combine tranquility with exhilaration, making Kulaniapia our choice for most unique bed and breakfast in Hawaii.

  • Website
  • Rates: $189 to $349 per night
  • Rates: Hilo, Hawaii
  • At a Glance: a tranquil bed and breakfast in Hawaii offering waterfall adventures

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Idaho

beagle-shaped bed and breakfast in Idaho

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a delightfully wacky way to spend the night “in the doghouse,” while enjoying amenities far beyond what you’d expect in a novelty bed and breakfast. The dog-shaped structure was build 20 years ago by a chainsaw-carving artist couple, in what they describe as a “noble and absurd” undertaking. The single, two-story room in this utterly unique bed and breakfast can sleep four and has games, wifi, and a minibar stocked with free gourmet snacks. The included breakfast features the owners’ signature homemade granola and fresh, local foods. Carvings of every imaginable dog breed, made by the owners, are available for purchase, and, yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome.

  • Website
  • Rates: $126 per night, $12 per additional person, $15 per pet
  • Location: Cottonwood, Idaho
  • At a Glance: a beagle-shaped bed and breakfast with homemade charm

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Illinois

The Villa D' Citta Bed and Breakfast in Illinois

Steps away from the Main Strip of Lincoln Park in Chicago is a serene and palatial Italian villa dating back to 1887. Guests of the Villa D’ Citta Bed and Breakfast in Illinois are surrounded by old-world luxury; there’s a rooftop Jacuzzi and sun deck, private grotto, on-site theater and even a full gourmet kitchen, where you can pop in to snag a muffin or whip up a panini at any hour of the day. The rooms are lavish and the included breakfast is decadent- and can even be served to you in bed as an extra service, along with mimosas. A bed and breakfast with breakfast in bed- plus champagne? That’s unique.

  • Website
  • Rates: $135 to $232 per night
  • Rates: Chicago, Ilinois
  • At a Glance: old-world opulence in the heart of Chicago

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Indiana

Airstream Bed and Breakfast in Indiana

At one time, it would have seemed unimaginable to describe a travel trailer as “exquisite.” But there’s been a true travel trailer renaissance, with aficionados pouring loving care and obsessive work into the restoration of vintage Airstreams and Shastas, and companies releasing updated classic models. This unique bed and breakfast on Air Bnb is listed as an “Exquisite, Custom 2014 Airstream,” and we’re inclined to agree with that assessment. The outside has the classic Airstream curves and pristine silver surface. Inside, the space is gleaming silver and white, with leather and stainless steel following the same graceful curves. The trailer is parked on a 20-acre private lot, and guests have access to the hosts’ enormous, 1,200 square foot deck. Here, you can hike the wooded trails and enjoy the scenic quite, or drive just 30 minutes to downtown Indianapolis or the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

  • Website
  • Rates: $120 per night
  • Location: Zionsville, Indiana
  • At a Glance: unique accommodations in Indiana an exquisite Airstream trailer

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Iowa

The Elkander JailHouse Bed and Breakfast in Iowa

Spend a night in the slammer at this historic jailhouse in Iowa. The limestone building was constructed in 1870 as the Clayton county Jail, and is now a unique bed and breakfast on three scenic acres overlooking a river valley town in Iowa. Guests can stay in any of three charming suites, which have tasteful antique furnishings and freestanding, two-person bathtubs. Try hiking, biking and canoeing along the Turkey River, then unwind with a craft beer at the end of the day in the superbly remodeled cell block, now a bar on the first floor.

  • Website
  • Rates: $110 to $125 per night
  • Location: Elkander, Iowa
  • At a Glance: a historic jailhouse reborn as a charming bed and breakfast in Iowa

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Kansas

The Rosberg House Bed and Breakfast in Kansas

There’s a lot to love about this unique bed and breakfast in Kansas, in the town of Lindsborg, right in the heart of Little Sweden. From the candy-colored and gingerbread-detailed exterior to the sumptuous and authentically fussy parlor furnishings, this bed and breakfast is thoroughly and faithfully Victorian. Guests will still have the comforts of modern amenities, however- there are flat screen TVs, cable, wifi, whirlpool tubs and a swimming pool. Outside, there are lush and manicured gardens and a backyard gazebo. Stroll through the tiny town of Lindsborg to explore some seriously Swedish and truly traditional restaurants, craft shops and festivals. With its storybook charm, the Rosenborg House is our choice for a quaint and picturesque weekend in Kansas.

  • Website
  • Rates: $69 to $149 per night, minimum two-night stay
  • Location: Lindsborg
  • At a Glance: a picturesque an unique bed and breakfast in Kansas’ Little Sweden

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky

The Hidden Cave Ranch Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky

Tucked into the wooded hills of Cumberland County in Kentucky, you’ll find a hidden gem: The Hidden Cave Ranch Bed and Breakfast. The rooms are log-and-beam construction, with king size cedar log beds and furnished with Dutch and American antiques. Guests who stay at this unique bed and breakfast can request an in-room bourbon tasting as an extra service, or cook outdoors over an open fire. There’s a dining room serving fresh, local and organic fare. As the name implies, there’s a cave hidden away on the estate, one of the largest in Kentucky. Beside a stream and small waterfall, guests can explore the entrance or book a 1.5 hour guided tour inside. Still up for excitement? The bed and breakfast is also a working horse ranch, where the owners raise American Bashkir Curly Horses, a breed known for their friendly temperament. You can book a riding lesson or a scenic trail ride. If you’re booking this memorable and utterly unique bed and breakfast, you won’t want to miss another superlative experience close by: the world’s largest system of underground caves at Mammoth Cave National Park.

  • Website
  • Rates: $119 to $164 per night
  • Rates: Burkesville, Kentucky
  • At a Glance: a unique bed and breakfast in Kentucky that’s home to a horse ranch and a sizeable cave

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Louisiana

Oak Alley Plantation Bed and Breakfast in Louisiana

You can’t throw a beignet in Louisiana without hitting a haunted mansion, bar or bed and breakfast. But how about spending the night in a haunted historic antebellum plantation? Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana is both a historical home, a unique bed and breakfast, and one of the most haunted sites in perhaps the most haunted state in America. Guests and staff report seeing ghosts in the windows, hearing ghostly hoofbeats along the walkway lined with ancient live oaks leading to the main house, and even seeing objects flung across the room by unseen hands. An episode of the SyFy show, Ghost Hunters, was filmed here, as were scenes from the movie Interview with a Vampire. Guests can stay in spacious and family-friendly cottages on the grounds equipped with cable TV, game boards, tempurpedic mattresses and kitchenettes. During the day, visitors can soak up the beauty and horror of the plantation’s history by touring the “Big House,” slave quarters, Civil War tent, sugar cane plantation, blacksmith shop and family graveyard. There’s a restaurant on site serving traditional creole fare.

  • Website
  • Rates: $165 to $325 per night
  • Location: Vacherie, Louisiana
  • At a Glance: a highly haunted plantation bed and breakfast in Louisiana

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Maine

The Tessie-Anne Tugboat Bed and Breakfast in Maine

Let the waves rock you to sleep at night aboard your own floating bed and breakfast in Maine. Just 45 minutes from the hubbub of Portland, you can have an exceptionally unique bed and breakfast experience by lodging in a stationary houseboat in Riggs Cove, off Georgetown Island. You’ll have your own dinghy to get to and from the marina, where you can wine, dine and enjoy live music at the Osprey Restaurant. Can’t stand to come ashore? You can cook in the boat’s kitchenette or grill on the deck. Your unique maritime bed and breakfast also comes with its own kayaks, rowboat and even a sailboat for exploring the Sheepscot River and nearby coves.

  • Website
  • Rates: $235 to $375 per night
  • Location: Georgetown, Maine
  • At a Glance: a unique bed and breakfast experience aboard your own private boat

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Maryland

Rachel's Dowry Bed and Breakfast in Maryland

This unique bed and breakfast in Maryland once lodged the first President of the United States of America and his Frist Lady, and you’ll find that the passage of time has changed it very little. This downtown mansion was built by a Baltimore brick baron in 1798, and features elegant 18th-century style and gracious hospitality. Guests at this unique bed and breakfast get more than a morning meal; afternoon tea, brandy and snacks are furnished as well. The estate has beautiful gardens, a comfortable library and parlor filled with antiques. You’ll feel like you’re in another century, but a short walk will get you to the the National Aquarium or an Orioles game.

  • Website
  • Rates: $119 to $298 per night
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • At a Glance: an exceptionally historic and hospitable bed and breakfast in Maryland

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Massachusetts


It’s hard to picture a more magical setting than this whimsical and unique bed and breakfast in Massachusetts- part silo, part cottage, part studio and part fairytale tower. The small building was once the summer studio of 1910s’ sculptor, Henry Hudson Kitson. It’s now furnished with a kitchenette and canopied queen bed to accommodate up to two adults for a storybook romantic weekend. The bed and breakfast is part of the Santarella Estate, and guests can explore the four-acre property’s gardens, pebble paths, babbling brooks, stone bridges, a lily pond, outdoor fireplace, and woods. The quiet, rural are is not far from world-class hiking on the Appalachian Trail and Tyringham Cobble.

  • Website
  • Rates: from $225 per night
  • Location: Tyringham, Massachusetts
  • At a Glance: a a fairytale silo bed and breakfast in Massachusetts

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Michigan


You don’t need to be an architecture buff to appreciate the allure of unique bed and breakfast in Michigan. The space is at once retro, futuristic and utterly timeless, thanks to its magnificent design and superb craftsmanship. The building was commissioned from Frank Lloyd Wright by Bill and Mary Palmer in 1950, and is one of Wright’s last residential masterpieces. Brick and cypress were used in the construction, which gives the interior a warm and earthy reddish color. While the home, from frame to furniture, is composed of straight lines, there’s not a single right angle to be found in the house, giving the whole an origami-like effect. An outlying tea house and nestled wooded setting complete the picture. Up to six can stay in this architectural jewel, enjoying amenities like organic toiletries, fresh produce and high thread count sheets as bed and breakfast guests, along with a tour of the home’s unique features.

  • Website
  • Rates: from $375 per night
  • Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • At a Glance: bed and breakfast at a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Michigan

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota

Nordic Inn Medieval Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota

A weekend in a special and unique bed and breakfast can feel like a little slice of heaven. But a weekend at this bed and breakfast in Minnesota is more like a slice of Valhalla. The Nordic Inn Medieval Bed & Brew in Crosby is a Viking-themed pub, dinner theater, mead-horn shop and bed and breakfast all rolled into one. The whole zany affair is housed in a 1909 former Methodist church built by mining magnate George Crosby, and from the outside looks every bit like a peaceful chapel. Step through the doors, however, and you’ll enter halls of timber, stone hearths, pelts, helmets and shields. Leave your inhibitions at home, because you’ll also be handed Viking costumes and invited to bring 12 or more of your friends to a Viking mystery dinner or banquet. Choose any of five theme rooms, with names like “Odin’s Loft” and “Freya’s Boudoir.” One even has a bed shaped like a Viking ship. Breakfast is a hearty feast served in the banquet hall, and the dinner portion of the evening entertainment is a five-course affair, complete with torches and prop weapons, followed by drinks at the inn’s pub. For a wacky game trip or unique bachelor party, it’s hard to imagine a better location. Bring a sense of fun and adventure, because this outrageous and unique bed and breakfast is an experience you’re not likely to forget.

  • Website
  • Rates: $2,000 for 12 people, two nights, includes meals and entertainment
  • Rates: Crosby, Minnesota
  • At a Glance: a wacky and over-the-top Viking lodge bed and breakfast in Minnesota

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Mississippi

 Stone House Musical Bed and Breakfast in Mississippi

We’re willing to bet that you’ll never pass your weekend in a more refined setting than the Stone House Musical Bed and Breakfast in Natchez, Mississippi. The building was constructed in the style of a Greek temple back in the mid-1800s, and has been operated as a bed and breakfast by the Stone family for 140 years. Show-stopping, museum-quality antiques occupy every room, and even the textiles and flatware are period-accurate. The owner is a dealer in rare maps and lithographs, as the walls throughout the bed and breakfast will attest. The Antebellum Billiard Hall is especially memorable: the center of the room is occupied by a handsome antique billiard table, and a stuffed bobcat graces the fireplace nearby. Stay two or more nights and you’ll be treated to a private piano concerto by the owner, a concert pianist, over complimentary wine in the Antebellum Music Room. This unique bed and breakfast has also has won the Historic Natchez Foundation’s 2003 Restoration Award and was ranked in the nation’s top 25 bed and breakfasts by TripAdvisor in 2012 & 2013.

  • Website
  • Rates: $135 per night
  • Location: Natchez, Mississippi
  • At a Glance: a unique and refined antebellum bed and breakfast with private, live classical music

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Missouri

Floating Safari Tent Bed and Breakfast in Missouri

A safari tent would make for a unique weekend getaway. A safari tent floating on the river? That’s really unforgettable. This utterly unique bed and breakfast has two tents situated at the end of a large deck on a private pond, right off the Mississippi River. You’ll love the clean and crisp red and white dŽcor and appreciate the spacious modern clubhouse, where you’ll be heading for bathrooms and an outdoor shower. Bed and breakfast guests can canoe on the water, swim on the beach, grill on the deck or start a fire in the fire pit. When you’ve had enough of the outdoors, head 30 minutes into downtown St Louis for shopping, dining and entertainment.

  • Website
  • Rates: $55 per night
  • At a Glance: a cute retreat for treetop camping

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Montana

Sheepherder's Wagon Bed and Breakfast hotel in Montana

Montana is the Big Sky State, known for starry skies, majestic mountains, forests and National Parks. Natives and tourists alike love the outdoors in Montana, and you won’t have to look far to find a unique glamping destination, whether you’re interested in a treehouse rental or luxury tents with an on-site day spa. But you’re not likely to find a more unique bed and breakfast in Montana than this antique sheepherder’s covered wagon farm stay in Belgrade. Here, you can spend the day on a working sheep farm with chickens, pigs, goats, turkeys, honey bees, beef cows, a llama, a miniature mule and, of course, plenty of sheep. The cozy wagon has an old-fashioned bed with handmade quilt inside, a fire pit and modern grill outside. After your campfire, you’ll fall asleep to the sounds of coyotes and owls, and awake to a breakfast of fresh-from-the-farm eggs. In addition to a offering a truly unique back-to-nature experience, the location of this bed and breakfast makes it a convenient stopover between two top national parks: Yellowstone and Glacier.

  • Website
  • Rates: $114 per night
  • Location: Belgrade, Montana
  • At a Glance: a unique covered wagon farm stay in Montana

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Nebraska

Slattery Vintage Estates in Nebraska

Spend the day touring a working vineyard and winery, sampling different vintages in the tasting room, enjoy a cheese plate and catch some live music in the courtyard at Slattery Vintage Estates in Nebraska. Don’t bother calling an Uber when you’re ready to call it quits- you can spend the night on the grounds in the estate’s unique outdoor bed and breakfast. Slattery bills itself as the “original glamping destination in the Midwest.” Each elevated tent is furnished with antiques in prairie-elegant fashion, and has a small porch strung with lights, for a charming effect in the evening. It’s hard to picture a better destination for couples, and the company website’s many photos of proposals made on the grounds attest to the romantic vibe. Each tent in the bed and breakfast has its own fire pit, and guests can purchase not only wine from the estate, but also foil dinners to cook over the fire or even s’mores. Pairing local wine with marshmallows by the campfire with your significant other? We’re willing to bet you won’t forget this unique glamping experience.

  • Website
  • Rates: $60 to $90 per night
  • Location: Nehawka, Nebraska
  • At a Glance: a glamping bed and breakfast on a vineyard in Nebraska

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Nevada

The Cottage Inn in Nevada

Whether campy or classy, we love a bed and breakfast with unique, themed rooms. Those at the Cottage Inn in Tahoe City, Nevada, do not disappoint. The bed and breakfast is a charming and elegant lodge surrounded by a number of cottages, each with a unique theme such as “Old Fishin’ Hole,” “Cowboy Romance,” or “Ski Chalet.” Though there’s a touch of humor, each theme is tastefully and seamlessly realized through sophisticated furnishings and textiles. Rooms come with jetted two-person tubs, gas fireplaces, and porches with dining areas, where you can enjoy your complimentary country breakfast. The bed and breakfast is located minutes away from a dozen ski resorts. In the winter, after a long day on the slopes, you can return to the bed and breakfast to warm up with a cocktail or a glass of mulled wine at the bar. In the summer, guests can walk a few steps from the bed and breakfast to a beautiful private beach on Lake Tahoe.

  • Website
  • Rates: $165 to $345 per night
  • Location: Tahoe City, Nevada
  • At a Glance: luxury lodge bed and breakfast in Nevada’s Lake Tahoe area

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire

Adventure Suites Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire

The world needs more places like Adventure Suites. This unique bed and breakfast in New Hampshire is joyfully and wholeheartedly eccentric, boasting over a dozen wacky themed suites. Whether you choose the “Love Shack,” the “Dragon’s Lair,” the ” Sky Captain’s Lounge,” or “Motorcycle madness,” you’ll be getting more than a decorated room. Each suite is truly an immersive experience realized through fiber optics, murals, mosaics, sculptures, grottoes, dance floors, and vintage and custom furnishings. From stalactites hanging from the ceiling in “The Cave” to a giant clam-shaped bed in “Deserted Island,” the owners have staged each room to create a complete fantasy setting. You can expect luxury beyond your typical bed and breakfast as well; rooms have fireplaces, two-person hot tubs (many of them heart-shaped!), fresh snacks and large entertainment centers. The larger “party suites” can accommodate groups of up to 18. In the summer, guests can converge on the fire patio. In the winter, this unique bed and breakfast offers a snow luge and an igloo. Even your breakfast is unique, served in a dining area styled like an atomic 50’s soda shop.

  • Website
  • Rates: $159 and up per night
  • Location: North Conway, New Hampshire
  • At a Glance: a unique bed and breakfast in New Hampshire with extreme theme rooms

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in New Jersey

Summer Nites Bed and Breakfast in New Jersey

Behind the placid, white stone exterior of this mild-mannered house is a wild 1950’s atomic-era themed bed and breakfast that’s completely unique and thoroughly fun. Choose from eight unique, themed rooms, such as the “Elvis Suite,” the “Marilyn Room,” and “Life’s a Beach.” Each is decorated with murals, retro replicas and vintage finds, and includes a hot tub and DVD player. You’ll enjoy breakfast in a dining area that looks just like a 50’s soda shop, jukebox and all. You can lounge on the sundeck, shoot pool in the billiards room or hit up the game room for a few rounds of vintage pinball. The bed and breakfast is located two blocks from the beach, near the Jersey Shore rides and boardwalk, or you can use one of the bicycles provided to scope out attractions in Wildwood.

  • Website
  • Rates: $115 to $280 per night
  • Rates: North Wildwood, New Jersey
  • At a Glance: a fun and nostalgic 1950s-style bed and breakfast in New Jersey

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico

 Kokopelli's Cave Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico

Does spending the night in a cave sound dark, damp and spooky? At Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast, you’ll find the experience luxurious, cozy and relaxing. This completely unique bed and breakfast in New Mexico is situated inside a man-made cave in a mesa cliff, which was originally the office of a consulting geologist. You’ll find the carpeted and fully furnished interior of the cave warm and cozy, and appreciate the vintage Southwest 60s style. There’s a beautiful stone hot tub, waterfall shower and fireplace, and you can cook in the full kitchen or grill outdoors. The entrance of this cave bed and breakfast overlooks the mesa’s edge, so watch your step on your “porch” and look out for some amazing southwest sunsets over the four states of the Four Corners area. Hike or bike the large grounds on the mesa, or visit nearby Aztec ruins, Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde.

  • Website
  • Rates: $310 per night
  • Location: Antelope Junction, New Mexico
  • At a Glance: a luxury bed and breakfast in New Mexico inside a cave

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in New York

Kate's Lazy Meadow Bed and Breakfast in New York

It’s hard to keep the lyrics to “Love Shack” out of your head as you peruse the bright, funky suites of Kate’s Lazy Meadow, a bed and breakfast founded by Kate Pierson of the B-52’s. Each suite is designed with the same vibrant, space-age/new wave sensibility that informed the band’s music. You’ll see brilliant colors, vintage finds and unique twists on visual themes like Forest and Atomic Lounge. You’ll flip for the full-size formica vintage kitchens in eye-popping mid-century hues. There’s a Japanese-style plunge pool open in warmer months, picnic tables and a campfire area. The bed and breakfast is set on nine wooded acres, on the banks of Esopus Creek, with views of the Catskill Mountains.

  • Website
  • Rates: $135 to $310 per night, two-night minimum
  • Location: Mt. Tremper, New York
  • At a Glance: am offbeat, stylish and unique bed and breakfast in upstate New York

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in North Carolina

The White Doe Inn Bed and Breakfast in North Carolina

The Lost Colony of Roanoke is a tragic and mysterious chapter in the history of early Colonial America, when an entire colony of English settlers in the North Carolina island of Roanoke disappeared without a trace. Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the New World, was in that number, and is said to haunt the island in the form of a white doe. At the White Doe Inn, guests and hosts alike have glimpsed an eerie white deer on the property, visible only from a certain spot in the garden. Stay here and you may catch a glimpse of Virginia Dare. But there’s more to this unique bed and breakfast than a spooky cachet. Constructed in 1910, this Victorian mansion is a grand three-story late-Queen Anne style home, with turrets, wraparound porch and stained glass windows, which has earned a place on the National Resister of Historic Places. The bed and breakfast itself has earned a recommendation from the Select Registry of Distinguished Inns of North America for excellence in hospitality services and outstanding accommodations. Why the accolades? The splendid rooms are furnished with antiques and heirlooms, and each is unique, from “The Roanoke” to “The Scuppernog.” Guests can count on jetted tubs for two and gas fireplaces in every room. You can also enhance your stay with add-ons, like wine and cheese tastings, photo op packages, spa treatments, fresh flowers and picnic baskets.

  • Website
  • Rates: $195 to $295 per night
  • Rates: Manteo, North Carolina
  • At a Glance: a gorgeous Victorian bed and breakfast in North Carolina, with a resident spirit

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in North Dakota

The Enchanted Castle Bed and Breakfast cabin in North Dakota

There’s a 32-mile stretch of highway running through southwestern North Dakota that locals call the “Enchanted Highway.” Every few miles, giant scrap metal sculptures, including the largest one in the world, rise out of the landscape to surprise and delight travelers. The artist responsible for these unique and unexpected public artworks is behind another unusual creation: the Enchanted Castle. This bed and breakfast in Regent, North Dakota, is shaped like a medieval castle, complete with turrets and pennants. Suits of armor line the halls, and the large and comfortable rooms have shields as wall art. “Royal Prime Ribs” and “Sir Lancelot Pork Chops” can be had in the Enchanted Castle steakhouse downstairs. There’s a giant hot tub, a full-sized gym, fitness center and a tavern on site with stone walls and iron chandeliers.

  • Website
  • Rates: $99 to $135 per night
  • Rates: Regent, North Dakota
  • At a Glance: a kingly and comfortable bed and breakfast in North Dakota

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Ohio

The Golden Lamb Bed and Breakfast in Ohio

Built as a pub back in 1903, the Golden Lamb Bed and breakfast in Ohio is the oldest inn in the state. This historic bed and breakfast has 18 snug and attractive overnight accommodations. Each is individually styled with unique antique furnishings and named after a famous guest, such as Charles Dickens, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ulysses S. Grant, John Quincy Adams, or William Howard Taft. But the ghosts of the past are alive and well here- the Golden Lamb Bed and Breakfast is reportedly haunted by the spirit of Eliza Clay, daughter of Henry Clay, who died there of a fever in 1825. In one highly-haunted room, ghostly noises are often heard and objects are seen to fall over of their own accord. Anottherr ghost, that of a Supreme Court Justice who died inn the premises in 1829, is seen roaming the halls ass a wispy, “gaunt, grey man.” If you have an appreciation of history- and the paranormalÑyou’ll enjoy a stay at this unique bed and breakfast.

  • Website
  • Rates: $250 night
  • Location: Lebanon, Ohio
  • At a Glance: historic and unique bed and breakfast in Ohio with a ghostly presence

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Oklahoma

Tipsy Artist Bed and Breakfast in Oklahoma

You’ve no doubt encountered the wine-and-painting phenomenon by now: group painting on prepared canvases plus libations. In Guthrie, Oklahoma, two artistic entrepreneurs have taken the concept one step further, by not only hosting “Tipsy Artist” painting parties but providing clean and cozy accommodations on site for stylish post-party crashing. The Atomic Loft, as the bed and breakfast is called, features attractive rooms in bold colors with oversize wall art, including a number of steampunk surfboards. You can step outside to continue your art experience in the unique glass and art galleries close by in the Victorian neighborhood of downtown Guthrie.

  • Website
  • Rates: $145 night
  • Location: Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • At a Glance: a colorful wine and painting party bed and breakfast in Oklahoma

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Oregon

Hecta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast in Orgeon

Even the ghosts love this historic lighthouse bed and breakfast in Oregon. The Hecta Head Lighthouse is a working lighthouse that’s over 100 years old, and looks just like a storybook lighthouse, complete with a red roof, white tower, and… a ghost. The Hecta Head grounds are reportedly haunted by the ghost of an elderly woman, known as The Lady in Gray. More eyewitnesses have seen her than any other ghost on the Oregon Coast (and there are many), making the chances of a sighting better here than any other bed and breakfast in the state. Paranormal interests aside, the Hecta Head Lighthouse also draws guests to its splendid and unique bed and breakfast, which is situated adjacent to the lighthouse keeper’s house. Built in 1894, the Victorian bed and breakfast is a National Historic Landmark, with a wraparound porch, stone fireplaces, and a hand-carved wooden staircase. All rooms have unique and stunning period furnishings, such as canopied beds and handmade quilts. The evening view of the ocean by the light of the lighthouse is said to be captivating, but the morning breakfast is equally so. Guests are pampered with a 1.5 hour, seven-course breakfast, which includes seasonal ingredients from the lighthouse’s own garden.

  • Website

  • Rates: $133 to $315 per night
  • Location: Florence, Orgeon
  • At a Glance: a beautiful and haunted lighthouse with bed and breakfast in Orgeon

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Pennsylvania

Oz's Homestay in Pennsylvania

Here’s a something you don’t see every day: a bed and breakfast in a 100-year-old barn with a hot tub, sauna, pool table, fishing, biking, hiking and… sky diving. At Oz’s Homestay, you’ll experience a unique blend of country hospitality, relaxation and heart-stopping thrills. Chocolates and fresh flowers in each room welcome guests on arrival. The beautiful accommodations have a rustic chic vibe, and include unique beds handmade from hardwood Ash harvested from the property. The hosts cook all meals from scratch using local ingredients and accommodate all types of dietary requests. Unwind with a leisurely hike around the 122 acres of the bed and breakfast, explore the gardens and creek, and get in some world-class bird watching and stargazing. Want to kick it up a notch? The Freefall Oz Skydiving Center is located onsite for exhilarating tandem skydives.

  • Website
  • Rates: $119 to $139 per night
  • Rates: Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania
  • At a Glance: a bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania with a unique blend of relaxation and thrills

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Rhode Island

Trinity Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast in Rhode Island

You won’t mind staying after school in this charming, historical and unique bed and breakfast in Rhode Island, which was formerly an 18th century schoolhouse and parsonage. From the outside, the Trinity Schoolhouse bed and breakfast still looks prim and proper, while inside, there’s a funky, eclectic vibe, with lots of vintage and international furniture and decorations. There’s a private hallway and shared garden room for guests, and you’ll be snug in the antique sleigh bed with high thread count sheets. This unique bed and breakfast is located in the heart of historic downtown Newport, and though the space feels secluded, you’ll be steps away from restaurants and shopping.

  • Website
  • Rates: $180 per night
  • Location: Newport, Rhode Island
  • At a Glance: an 18th-century schoolhouse reborn as a unique bed and breakfast

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in South Carolina

Falling Waters Bed and Breakfast in South Carolina

What words does “bed and breakfast” call to mind? “Charming”? “Cozy”? “Romantic”? How about “exhilarating”? Falling Waters is a unique bed and breakfast destination for lovers of white water rafting, ziplines and mountain bikes. You can stay in a cabin, cottage or even a yurt, depending on the size of your group and the level of comfort you prefer. The cabins are luxurious, spacious and polished, with polished wood and marble countertops. Yurts are rustic, with airy interiors and wooden bunks. No matter what your choice of lodging in this unique bed and breakfast, you’ll be within walking distance of a thrilling excursion. Try whitewater rafting, zipline canopy tours, lake kayak tours, stand-up paddleboard tours, and whitewater kayak trips.

  • Website
  • Rates: $80 to $450 per night
  • Rates: Long Creek, South Carolina
  • At a Glance: an adventure bed and breakfast in South Carolina on the Chattooga River

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in South Dakota

Horse Lover's Bed and Breakfast in South Dakota

Horse lovers (and who isn’t?) will be thrilled to book a stay in this log cabin bed and breakfast on a working quarter horse ranch. The whimsical dŽcor and unique furnishings give the log cabin an old-time cowboy vibe, and there’s even a pot-bellied stove to warm you at night. With a queen and bunk beds, there’s room enough for the whole family here. You can arrange a trail ride with the host or another local stable, or explore the many rolling acres, with boulders, pines and streams streams, on foot. From the porch of the bed and breakfast, you can take in spectacular views of the Black Mountains. Rode in? the host will quarter your horses as well, for a small additional fee. Just four miles away are the famous hot springs of Evan’s Plunge and the incredible Mammoth Site, a paleontological treasure with the largest deposit of mammoth remains on earth.

  • Website
  • Rates: $100 per night
  • Rates: Hot Springs, South Dakota
  • At a Glance: a log cabin bed and breakfast in South Dakota that’s ideal for horse lovers

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Tennessee

 Chattanooga Choo Choo Bed and Breakfast in Tennessee

The catchy swing-era hit “Chattanooga Choo Choo” is sure to play in your head as you climb aboard your room in this unique bed and breakfast in Tennessee, situated at Terminal Railway Station. The station dates back to 1909, and occupies a place on National Register of Historic Places. Since 2014, the Terminal Station has also served as a unique bed and breakfast, with spacious guest rooms and a heated pool in the station’s courtyard. More unique still are the guestrooms inside real Victorian Pullman train cars, which have vintage style and modern conveniences, including wifi and TV. Explore the vibrant Chattanooga neighborhood shopping and dining options. If you’d like to explore more adventurous and unconventional local attractions, try rock wall climbing or even hang gliding.

  • Website
  • Rates: $134 to $139 per night
  • Rates: Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • At a Glance: a historical and unique train car bed and breakfast in Tennessee

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Texas

Adobe Dome Bed and Breakfast in Texas

Sleep in an adobe dome in the middle of the desert, off the gird and under the stars. This sustainable, stylish and secluded dome makes for a unique bed and breakfast experience, and was featured on the HGTV show “Mighty Tiny Houses.” Its location in the Chihuahuan desert is isolated but easily accessible, and the area is under a dark sky ordinance, which means a stunning display of stars by night. The uninterrupted skyline will also offer guests unusually clear desert sunrise and sunset views. This sustainable bed and breakfast has a fan, lighting and kitchenette, all 100% reliant on solar power and rainwater. Beautiful arches decorated with blue glass surround each of the wraparound windows, which provide much-needed cross-ventilation in the un-air conditioned dwelling. A surprisingly attractive wooden outhouse with composting toilet and a solar shower stand in for a conventional bathroom, in true off-the-grid fashion. A 25-minute drive will get you to historic Terlingua Ghost town, with nightly live music, or Big Bend National Park, with its incredible wildlife, canyons and fossil collection.

  • Website
  • Rates: $88 per night
  • Location: Terlingua, Texas
  • At a Glance: an adobe dome bed and breakfast in the Texas desert

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Utah

Moab Under Canvas Bed and Breakfast in Utah

If natural beauty and outdoor activity speak to your soul, you’ll be right at home in Moab in eastern Utah. The city is the gateway to both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, with their famous rock formations, and a popular base for mountain bikers riding Slickrock Trail or off-roaders attending the Moab Jeep Safari. And if you’re pursuing natural beauty and the outdoors in Moab, why stay in a hotel? Moab Under Canvas is a glamping bed and breakfast of the highest order. Guests can have all the outdoor pleasure of sleeping in a tent or tipi, while enjoying luxurious accommodations. The large tents can sleep up to four and include king beds, luxury linens and a real bathroom with flush toilet and sink. Tipis have cots with room for two. The site offers outstanding views of Arches National Park and the starry night sky. The bed and breakfast can arrange an outdoor excursion for you as well, with unique and adventurous options like trail rides, white water rafting, rock climbing and hot air ballooning. A day in a hot air balloon followed by a night in a tipi is sure to be remembered.

  • Website
  • Rates: $79 and up per night
  • Location: Moab, Utah
  • At a Glance: tents and tipis for glamping in Utah near national parks

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Vermont

Eden Mountain Lodge in Vermont

Have you ever stayed in a bed and breakfast that offered dogsledding? We didn’t think so. Eden Mountain Lodge is a bed and breakfast in Vermont that occupies 140 acres of mountain in the Northeast Kingdom, surrounded by 3000 acres of Nature Conservancy and Vermont Land trust property. Here, you can hike or swim in summer, snow shoe or cross-country ski in the winter, and take in unparalleled views of the Lowell Mountain Range year-round. But what makes this unique bed and breakfast so memorable is the on-site, year-round Eden Ethical Dog Sledding Adventure Tours with a team of Alaskan Huskies the hosts call the “UN-chained Gang.” The dog team pulls a sled in the winter, wheeled carts in the warmer months, all cruelty-free. If you’d like to try downhill skiing, there are several excellent options mere minutes away. Curl up at the end of the day in one of three handmade log cabins, two of which have full kitchens, fireplaces, porches and BBQ grills.

  • Website
  • Rates: $165 to $325 per night
  • Location: Eden Mills, Vermont
  • At a Glance: a bed and breakfast in Vermont offering ethical dog sled tours

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Virginia

Rose River Farm Bed and Breakfast in Virginia

You may have heard of yurts by now- those round tents based on traditional nomadic Mongolian dwellings, which make for an unconventional camping, glamping or bed and breakfast experience. But even in the unusual world of American yurts, those at the Rose River Farm are unique. Rather than canvas, these three spacious luxury “yurt cabins” are constructed from cedar, steel and glass. There’s TV, a stereo, full kitchen and two full baths inside, 20 acres of meadow with beautiful views of the pond and mountains outside. Rose River Farm is a working farm raising angus cattle, a fly fishing resort, and a bed and breakfast all rolled into one. Here, you can take a fly-tying class, take a trail ride, or even go kayaking before retiring to the comfort of your yurt cabin. No wonder Business Insider ranked Rose River in its listing of “Top Ten Glamping Destinations in the US.”

  • Website
  • Rates: $250 per night
  • Rates: Syria, Virginia
  • At a Glance: yurt cabins and fly fishing on a famr bed and breakfast in Virginia

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Washington

artistic Unique Bed and Breakfast in Washington's Unique Bed and Breakfast Point

Bibliophiles will appreciate the Innsbrucker Inn, a bed and breakfast in Washington that pays tribute to great authors and books with literary-themed rooms. There’s the Wonka-themed “Chocolate Suite,” the “Secret Garden Room,” “Sherlock Holmes Room,” and “Shakespeare Suite,” among others. Murals, wall art, colors and furnishings bring each theme to life, without being overly obtrusive. This unique bed and breakfast is housed above an independent bookstore, and the owners, who operate both businesses, offer a discount at the bookstore to bed and breakfast guests. The setting if the Innsbrucker is as unusual as the bed and breakfast itself. The town, Leavenworth, is styled after a Bavarian Village, and features Alpine-style buildings, German beer gardens and restaurants. Don’t miss the weird and wonderful Nutcracker Museum, with a collection of thousands of nutcrackers, some dating back centuries.

  • Website
  • Rates: $99 to $125 per night
  • At a Glance: literary-themed bed and breakfast in Washington, set in a Bavarian village

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in West Virginia

School Bus Bed and Breakfast in West Virginia

It’s hard to imagine describing a school bus as cozy and romantic. But that’s exactly how guests describe this 1997 school bus, which has been gutted and converted into an utterly unique bed and breakfast. Book it through Air Bnb and you’ll have the entire unit to yourself, plus a porch, grill and surrounding woods. No vinyl seats and spitballs here; there’s beautiful wood floor and siding, and enough room for a bed, sofa and cozy wood-burning stove. You’ll be within walking distance of the Potomac River for hiking and kayaking. There’s enough room for three in this bed and breakfast bus, but it’s ideal for two as a low-key romantic getaway.

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  • Rates: $50 per night
  • Location: Shepherdstown, West Virginia
  • At a Glance: a bed and breakfast in West Virginia aboard a school bus

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Wisconsin

Ambrosia Inn Bed and Breakfast in Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a unique stay at a bed and breakfast in Wisconsin, you can head straight to The Ambrosia Inn. Once you’re there, though, you may have trouble deciding exactly which offbeat room you’d like to occupy. There’s “Le Gazebo”, a European-style gazebo with closed walls inspired by Thomas Jefferson cupola. You could choose one of two 100-year-old, chinked-timber log cabins. There are even some more traditional suites, decorated according to themes like “Art Deco,” and “Sonoma.” The most unconventional option at this unique bed and breakfast, however, is the three-story grain silo. The structure stands 50 feet tall and has been outfitted with modern comforts, including a whirlpool tub and gas fireplace

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  • Rates: $85 to $205 per night
  • Location: Hazel Green, Wisconsin
  • At a Glance: a bed and breakfast in Wisconsin with a silo suite and other unique rooms

Our Unique Bed and Breakfast in Wyoming

 The Nagle Warren Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Wyoming

Plenty of log cabins, ranches and other unconventional lodgings can be found in Wyoming, but this unique bed and breakfast is entirely different: a fairytale mansion in Cheyenne. The Nagle Warren Mansion was built in 1888 by Erasmus Nagle, a wealthy Wyoming merchant, and converted into a sumptuous and unique bed and breakfast in 1997. The opulent mansion was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984 and was rated Best Bed and Breakfast in the West by True West Magazine in 2006. Guests can choose between six rooms in the main house or six in the carriage house, each decorated with authentic Victorian era furnishings and equipped with modern conveniences, such as wifi and TVs. Your breakfast is served in the elegant dinning room, and epicurean lunch and dinner can also be ordered. The mansion also periodically, serves high tea and hosts Murder Mystery Dinners.

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  • Rates: $220 per night
  • Rates: Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • At a Glance: opulent, fairytale mansion bed and breakfast in Wyoming

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

For a certain sort of soul, the allure of setting off across the sea and never staying put for more than a few days can be just as rewarding as a steady paycheck. While other jobs partially fit the lover of travel (flight attendants, pilots, travel photographers, etc.) there’s a timeless charm in pushing into foreign waters until the arrival in an exotic port. If this rings a bell, and you’re looking to take on travelling by boat for longer than a vacation, then you might just be a great fit for working on a cruise ship. And luckily for you, there are scores of different ways to obtain employment on a cruise ship. Jobs from deck crew, to janitorial staff, to master chefs, to massage therapists are all commonly available in these massive floating resorts. Crew often have to work hard and have less time in port than paying passengers, but enjoy many of the same amenities including (often) free meals, free lodging on the ship, free cruising, and access to many ship amenities on off days. If all this still sounds good (it should!) then proceed below for our guide on how to gain a job on a cruis ship.

Step 1: Appraise Your Skills

There are a huge range of positions available on cruise ships. Generally all of the positions that need filling at hotels and large resorts also need filling on a cruise ship. Furthermore, where hotels and resorts often have the benefit of being around other amenities that their customers can enjoy, cruise ships are out to sea. So they have to bring amenities with them. This means that many cruise ships employ a wide range of restaurant, bar, entertainment, recreation, fitness, and logistical staff. As one might expect, some positions require a great deal of training, experience, and knowledge, while other positions have few prerequisites.

For hospitality roles on a cruise ship, one should first assess their skills and experience and compare those to the openings. Applicants generally interface with cruise companies through an agency that represents them, which we will touch on more in the next section. At first one should generally just appraise their skills and try to ascertain what level of position they may be eligible for (or they may prefer) generally manual labor intensive jobs as well as restaurant waiters, housekeeping and cabin stewards are recruited from countries with lower pay (parts of Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and Africa). So if you’re from a higher earning nation, it’s hard to compete for those positions without being willing to take an often substantial drop in pay. There are often tiers of cruise ship workers. Those who are untested at sea or are less qualified for positions may be hired for shorter periods rather than as permanent employees. Being a temporary hire can be a great way to gain experience in the industry, and there is often great opportunity for temp cruise jobs.

It may also be useful to think outside the box regarding your skills. Unlike many hospitality positions not on cruise ships, cruise ships employ a wide range of entertainers. Those with experience in music, dance, theater, or recreation are often in high demand on cruise ships. If you’re a hospitality worker with traditional hospitality skills and skills in one of the previous domains, you may be able to increase your chances of being hired.

Step 2: Find a Cruise Line Recruiting Agency

As mentioned previously, cruise lines often don’t interface with applicants directly. Rather, potential or current cruise staff sign up with an agency that informs them when jobs that might be a good match crop up. Note that cruise recruiting agencies that place applicants take a small fee for each day of the placement. Don’t be put off, however, as this arrangement often provides quality job opportunities for applicants while upholding the quality of candidates for cruise ship companies. Placements will vary from as little as a few days to several months, and are often dictated by the region and cruise lines you end up applying for. For this reason, if you have a preference about the length of your placement, check out the common cruises of different cruise lines, then pick a recruiting agency that interfaces with the cruise lines you’re interested in.

Some of the largest recruiting agencies include the following (recruiting agency / region recruited from / cruise lines recruiting for):

  • Cast-a-Way/ North America, the British Commonwealth/ Regent Seven Seas, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Line, Starboard Cruise Services and Steiner Leisure.
  • Seven Seas Group (SSG Evropa)/ Europe and the US/ Azamara Club Cruises, Royal Caribbean, the Image Group, Celebrity Cruises and the Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • Cruceros Bonavista/South America/ Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, and NCL.
  • CTI Group/ Southeast Asia / Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, and NCL.
  • Ismira Recruitment/ Eastern Europe/ Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Oceania Cruises, and Crystal Cruises.
  • V. Hospitality (V-Ships)/ Worldwide / P&O Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas, and Starboard Cruise Services

Step 3: Appraise Job Opportunities

Assuming a recruiting agency has picked you up as a client and you have skills applicable to a cruise ship position, you should have some choice as to what cruise openings you accept. Some crucial distinctions between positions that should be weighed carefully include the length of the contract, whether you are offered a position as a permanent crew member or a temporary one, and whether the position is structured around tips or a base salary. We’ll jump into what those distinctions mean below.

First is the length of the contract. Generally short contracts mean that you will not be paid, but will receive free room, board, and (often) gratuity. Many short term contracts will also allow you to bring a spouse for free, as well as provide discounts on other cruise amenities. Longer term contracts are almost always paid with a wage and often last from several months to a few years. A common length of time for longer term placements is 5-6 months, in which you may have to lock up your residency and move from cruise to cruise throughout the period. After 5-6 months of being onboard a ship, permanent workers will often get a few weeks to a few weeks at home. The general rule is that the more senior your position on the ship, the more often you’re at home and the shorter your stay on the ship.

Secondly is a distinction related to the first. Permanent crew are offered contracts that persist through stints at home. This means that permanent contracts will build in time away from work and a guaranteed placement on future cruises afterwards depending on the length of the contract. Some potential cruise workers don’t want to be away from home or at sea for that long, however. So generally some workers do prefer an arrangement called ‘work your passage’ in which you may go on shorter trips and enjoy many of the amenities that passengers do, but not take home pay or be obligated to participate in future voyages.

The third distinction involves differences in how pay is structured between roles on cruise ships. Common positions that rely on gratuity (tips) as part of income include massage therapists, bartenders, waiters, busboys and concierges. Other positions are salaried, with more common positions such as deck hands, housekeeping and cabin stewards often filled by applicants from lower income regions including Eastern Europe, parts of Asia, South America, and Africa. These roles, and particularly these roles who serve the staff such as staff waiters and snack stewards are most commonly non-tipping positions. These positions are often reserved for those without as much experience or without a good command of English. Those in non-tipping hospitality roles, however, have a good chance of being promoted to tipping roles in the future if they continue their work. One final note about income on cruise ships is that income earned on cruise ships is not subject to income tax unless you are from a country that requires you to report income earned abroad.

One final note is that in many ways the cruise industry is like other hospitality fields. Those with additional schooling or experience in hospitality positions will have a greater chance of being hired onto cruise ships and to accelerate through the ranks of the ship more quickly. For more information on hospitality management degrees, check out our ranking page for the best online degrees for hospitality management and related fields.

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How Do I Become a Group Sales Coordinator?

Like every other business, the hotel business is driven by sales: a fully occupied hotel means income, a list of vacancies means no income. Still, it’s not just rooms that need to be sold. Event spaces and dining services are crucial revenue streams for hotels and often represent ludicrous business opportunities. A steady reservation count will pay a profit, but bookings for conferences, events, parties, and other gatherings is where hotels distinguish their brand and record significant earnings.

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How Do I Become a Director of Maintenance?

Behind the day-to-day operations, the routine checkups, the last-minute fixes and on-the-go adaptations — in short, behind the curtain of everything that keeps a hotel running smoothly is the Director of Maintenance, also called the Director of Facilities. From minor mechanical malfunctions to big-picture construction plans, the Director of Maintenance is in charge of everything involving the physical property on a daily basis, plus facility budgets, long-term property management, and more.

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Treehouses You Can Stay at For Every State in the Nation

a beautiful treehouse hotel

For a truly elevated lodging experience, why not nest for the night in a treetop? If that sounds a little crazy, you’d better take a closer look. Treehouse hotels have been a popular alternative trend in the hospitality sector for some time, and can now be found at every price point, in every size and in every state in the nation. There are primitive digs for rustic treetop camping, as well as luxurious treetop hotels with granite kitchens and hot tubs. We’ve scoured the choices from coast to coast to bring you the best, the coolest and the most unique treehouse rentals. Want to stay in an eco-friendly treehouse by a volcano in the rainforest in Hawaii? We found you one. How about a designer treehouse rental on a private island in Michigan? We’ve got that, too. There’s even a beachside “human nest” made from driftwood sticks and branches out in California. Explore our state-by-state guide to treehouse rentals and take your travels to new heights.

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