It takes work to get to the top

But finding the right degree is a great first step

Choosing the right hospitality management degree program can be the difference between finding your dream job or not. It can mean the difference between being able to return (or start) to school, or not. And it can mean the difference between breaking the bank, or not. At we know that many hospitality management degree seekers are non-traditional learners with unique needs. Many are currently working full time in hospitality, and accordingly many potential students may work long or odd hours (hospitality is a 24/7 gig, right?). For this we've used our years of experience curating online educational opportunities to hone a ranking methodology unique to real world hospitality workers. Our rankings aren't entirely centered on the prestige of programs, but rather on affordability, support services, how flexible programs are, and their academic quality. Check out our detailed methodology and rankings below!

Hospitality Management Degree Rankings


While we've applied the main categories that we judge schools through slightly differently depending on the degree level being ranked, our methodology focuses on the following markers to ensure degrees that pay off for real world hospitality workers.

Markers of Hospitality Management Program Excellence

For individual rankings the exact metrics we cover vary some. To see the exact metrics through which we measure our markers of excellence, check out our individual rankings below. For all rankings we survey all applicable degree programs as noted in the IPEDs database. We then use federal IPEDs data or information reported by the schools themselves to finalize rankings.


The Best Online Associates Degrees in Hospitality Management

Associates degrees in hospitality management can open many doors in a wide variety of hospitality settings. Whether your already working in a hospitality role and would like to move into a managerial position, or you would like to start your own hospitality business, associates in hospitality management can be a great fit. At 60 credit hours, many associates in hospitality management can be finished in as little as a year and a half. Coursework often includes foundational courses in business and accounting as well as hospitality-specific coursework including bar management, restaurant management, kitchen management, and hotel management.

The Most Affordable Online Associates Degrees in Hospitality Management

While associates degrees are generally one of the most affordable (and fastest) degree types, there's still quite a range between what different students are paying. If you're looking for a 2-year or less program that can boost your chances of moving into management in a hospitality setting without breaking the bank, we've got you covered with this ranking.


The Best Online Bachelor's Degrees in Hospitality Management

While it's possible to get into managerial ranks in hospitality without a bachelor's degree, most mid to upper-level management positions require at least a bachelor's degree. Bachelor's degrees in hospitality management provide a strong base in general education requirements, business, entrepreneurship, accounting, and hospitality courses. Many bachelor's-level programs in hospitality management also offer a wide range of specializations including Food Services, Lodging, Meeting and Event Planning, or Tourism. Courses of study also often focus on bachelor's-level management and ethics courses, helping to create the next generation of well-rounded hospitality leaders.

The Most Affordable Online Bachelor's Degrees in Hospitality Management

While there are many reasons to obtain a bachelor's in hospitality management (see the paragraph directly above), breaking the bank isn't one of them. That's why we combed through close to 100 online bachelor's in hospitality management degree programs. In this ranking we looked at the average amount of financial aid available to students, as well as the average price for out-of-state students (for schools that have out-of-state pricing). This process led to the culmination of a great list of bachelor's-level hospitality management programs that provide quality degrees for a nice price. Check out our ranking of affordable bachelor's in hospitality management today.


The Best Online Master's Degrees in Hospitality Management

Master's in Hospitality Managment degrees are where those with a variety of bachelor's degrees and some experience in hospitality can really get ahead. From the front manager of an upscale restaurant, to the director of marketing for a hotel, many high octane, important, and lucrative hospitality management positions prefer candidates to hold master's in the discipline. Many master's in hospitality management can be completed in just 12 months, and offer a wide range of specializations: from hotel marketing to kitchen management.

The Best Online Hospitality Management MBAs

MBAs provide some of the best "bang for the buck" among all graduate level degrees. These time-tested and battled-hardened degrees are respected by most major corporations in America, as well as prepare MBA holders to jump into creating businesses of their own. MBAs in Hospitality Management provide a solid graduate business core as well as specializations that usually include 3-5 courses in hospitality, tourism, lodging, or sports events management.

The Most Affordable Online Master's in Hospitality Management

For many potential students looking for a master's in hospitality management two factors play into their ability to obtain a degree: flexibility and affordability. While online programs are notoriosly flexible and easier to fit into a busy work or life schedule than traditional schooling, did you know that there are also a number of notoriously affordable degrees? We've combed through every online master's in hospitality managment in America and Europe to present our list of the 20 most affordable master's in hospitality management degree programs.

Graduate Certificates

The Best Online Graduate Certificates in Hospitality Management

Graduate certificates can come a wide variety of forms. Some require a final in-person test, as in the case of traditional certifications. Some require a cluster of graduate-level courses (often 3-5 course), while some are achievable through open education (MOOCs). We've combed through the best options for graduate certificates for hospitality management positions and posted them in our ranking, from hotel marketing to accounting for restaurants.

Hospitality Management Departments

The 10 Most Prestigious Hospitality Management Departments in the World

PhD's in Hospitality Management are one route to truly set yourself apart in the hospitality field. Whether you would like to work in academia, you're looking to start a consulting firm, or want to work in the upper echelons of management in corporate hospitality, PhD's in hospitality management are one way to secure a huge amount of clout in the discipline.