The 10 Best Hospitality Management Graduate Certificates Online

The 10 Best Hospitality Management Graduate Certificates Online

Graduate certificate programs are generally good fits for current professionals who don’t have time to return to school for a prolonged period, but who also believe some additional education would help them to move up the career ladder. Graduate certificates in hospitality management are also often offered on just one subset of hospitality management. So if you need graduate level courses in hotel management, but don’t need to learn about bar management, a graduate certificate might be a “better fit” than a full degree program. Graduate certificates often involve taking 3-5 accelerated courses. And often graduate certificates are either entirely online or just require 1-2 in-person meetings. Some of the best hospitality management schools in the world offer graduate certificates in hospitality management related disciplines, and for many of them they are their only online programs. This means that for many hospitality management professionals, one of the most practical ways to attend a world-class hospitality management program is to pursue a graduate certificate.

1.) Cornell University

Cornell University is a private Ivy League research institution located in Ithaca, New York. There are 22,319 students enrolled and the student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1. Cornell has a land, sea, and space grant and is categorized though Carnegie as having the “highest research activity.” When founded in 1865 Ezra Cornell envisioned “… an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.” Today, the Middle State Commission on Higher Education- a regional accrediting body- accredits Cornell to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degrees as well as postbaccalaureate certifications. In fact, there are 7 academic undergraduate schools and 7 academic graduate schools that award degrees from a wide-range of fields including: visual arts, social sciences, engineering, liberal arts, and business. U.S. News ranks Cornell as the 14th best school in the nation, and 23rd best school in the world. To accommodate busy professionals, Cornell University opened their online campus- eCornell that provides quality professional certifications 100% online; including in the fields of hospitality, marketing, data science, human resources, among others.

Cornell University offers an online graduate-level certificate in Hospitality Management. We selected this online certification in hospitality management for the high quality of academic programming, and convenient flexible formatting. All courses are just 2 weeks in length and presented 100% online. This is a rigorous program presented by Cornell professors at the SC College of Business- ranked by U.S. News as the 16th best business school in the nation. Let’s take a look at closer look at the course material:

  • Hospitality Certification Course Content
    • Understanding Financial Statements- this course provides you with relevant tools necessary when evaluating and examining budget reports, and will help you make sound budget and investment decisions
    • Building High Performance Teams- learn how to not just “build a team” but also how to create a positive work environment for all.
    • Services Marketing Planning and Management- learn how customer behavior and data influence marketing and how to create and apply service marketing principles.
    • Introduction to Hotel Revenue Management- this hotel industry-specific course delves into the value of revenue per available room.
    • Building Guest Loyalty- focuses on methods to engage customers so that they want to come back-often the heart and soul of your hospitality business.

If you are ready to lead the way in the field of hospitality, a professional certification from Cornell University is hard to beat.

  • Homepage
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Estimated Total Cost: $3,600

2.) Michigan State University

Michigan State University (MSU) is a public land and sea grant research institution located in Lansing, Michigan. There are 50, 340 students enrolled at MSU and the student to faculty ratio is 17:1. Founded in 1855, MSU actually served as the model for land-grant institutions. Today, the Higher Learning Commission accredits MSU to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degrees as well as professional certifications. U.S. News ranks MSU as the 81st best school in the nation, and 33rd top public school as well as 21st for best online graduate business program, and 31st for best online graduate education program. It has the 11th best agricultural program in the US. Though a land and sea grant institution, MSU offers a vast range of academic programs for all types of interests including degree programs in city and urban planning, history education, journalism, accounting, public health and film studies. Currently MSU offers 19 fully online degree and professional certifications programs for undergraduates and graduates alike including their online master’s in food science, online bachelor’s in nursing, and professional certification in hospitality management.

MSU offers an online graduate certificate in hospitality management. The Management Certificate in the Business of Hospitality Courses is presented through one of the best business schools in the industry- The School of Hospitality and Business. Through the three online courses you will learn how to hone your skills in management and leadership and gain knowledge of financial planning, information systems, human resources, operations, quality services, facilities, food services management and more. Each of the three courses are 8- weeks in length and taught by the same professors on-campus. Let’s take a closer look at their certification courses:

  • Hospitality Certification Course Content
    • Hospitality Business Operations- this cross-disciplinary course examines how to operate lodging, clubs gaming events and food and beverage operations. You will learn about marketing, financial planning, and customer relations.
    • Hospitality Business Management- This course builds on the previous, and gives valuable insights into how you can increase the efficiency and productivity in the workplace. You will also learn about accounting as well as financial analysis.
    • Hospitality Leadership- in this course you will learn how to create positive interactions with employees and co-workers ensuring your interactions with staff lead to quality outcomes through caring and meaningful interaction.

MSU even offers 2-week mini courses in hospitality management for those who need some more time to “shop around” for the perfect fit.

  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Estimated Total Cost: $3,495

3.) Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is a public land, sea, and space research university located in College Station, Texas. There are 65,632 students enrolled and the student-to-faculty ratio is 21:1. Founded in 1876, this was the first public institution in the state of Texas. Today the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits Texas A&M to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degrees as well as professional certifications. U.S. News ranks Texas A&M as the 69th best school in the nation, 43rd best value school, 8th best school for online engineering, and 53rd best school for online graduate education programs. Carnegie classifies Texas A&M as an R1 university with the “highest research activity.” You may have guessed that Texas A&M with such a high number of students enrolled, offers a high number of academic programs. You would be correct. The number of areas covered are massive and include some unique degree offerings you may not find anywhere else including programming in poultry science, molecular genetics, agricultural teacher education, naval architecture, and hydrology. Of course you will also find some of the more common degrees such as those in the disciplines of education, law, health, and engineering. In addition to a vast on-campus program, Texas A&M offers a huge selection of online degrees for both undergraduate and graduate students alike such as their online course in geology, online master’s in statistics, online bachelor’s in public health, and online certification in hospitality management.

Texas A&M offers an online undergraduate certification in hospitality management. We selected this online programs for the high quality academic offering, and flexible formatting. The course is comprehensive in that it examine not only management, marketing, and finance but also contemporary issues like cultural tolerance, and sustainability. Those interested in this certification must already be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program from Texas A&M. This hospitality management certificate (HMC) will help you to understand the ins and outs of tourism. You will learn how to plan, analyze and make decisions for management positions in the hospitality industry.

  • Hospitality Certification Course Content
    • Application of Tourism Principles- this online course examines local and international tourism principles, and how to market destinations as well as experiences.
    • Tourism Marketing- takes a deeper looking into tourism marketing principles across a variety of settings such as businesses social causes and even governments. You will learn how to made decisions regarding products, locations, price and distribution.
    • Tourism Management- is an in-depth course that examines all managerial concerns relevant to tourism including the history of a place, how to lead individuals, ethics and sustainability, planning operations, and the future of tourism.
    • Hotel Resort Operations- simply put, this course gives you the full gambit of how to manage a hotel across all major departments such as food and beverage, recreation, sales and marketing, and rooms.
    • Service Quality for Hospitality Organizations- or SERVQUAL include service strategies, service planning, and delivery to help enhance customer service. This course also focuses on management and training of employees.

If you are searching for a comprehensive undergraduate hospitality management certification, you can’t get better than this.

  • Homepage
  • Duration: One Year
  • Estimated Total Cost: $19,041

4.) Temple University

Temple University is a public research university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are 39, 296 students enrolled, and the student-to-faculty ratios is 15:1. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education accredits Temple University to award comprehensive degree programming and professional certificates. In 1884, Temple was founded by a baptist minister though there are no religious affiliations today. According to U.S. News Temple University ranks as the 115th best school in the nation, 12th for online graduate business programs, and 2nd for best online bachelor’s programs. Carnegie classifies Temple University as a research institution with the highest research activity. That certainly reflects in the wide-range of programs available at Temple. Students are fortunate to study the liberal arts, sciences, and mathematics and some of Temple’s unique degree offerings include a master’s degree in musical conducting, ceramic arts, urban studies, forensic chemistry, dispute resolution, occupational therapy, Japanese, and meeting and event planning. Temple Online offers over 20 degrees and professional certifications in myriad of fields like hospitality management, pharmaceutical studies, tourism, and athletic training.

Temple University offers a graduate certificate in destination management. We selected this program for the accelerated format, flexibility, and high academic quality. In just 15 weeks you will have a graduate certification in destination management. All participants have the option to select three out of four available courses- giving you a little bit of freedom to tailor your certification to match your interests. The program is presented by the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) which is the largest provided of hospitality education in Philadelphia. For those interested in further study, the 9 credit hours received through this certification do count towards their Master’s of Science in Travel and Tourism. Let’s take a closer look at the 4 courses (of which you choose only 3):

  • Hospitality Certification Course Content
    • Destination Marketing and Management- this online course examines issues surrounding destination marketing organizations and convention visitor bureaus. You will learn how to plan tourism ventures in global, community and urban and rural settings. Learn how to develop your product and engage with your primary stakeholders.
    • Tourism Economics and Policy- in this course you will learn how to collect data to determine the value of resources, analyze tourism and how it related to the private and public sectors of the industry, and unpack policy theories central to the tourism industry.
    • Sustainable Tourism Development- looks at the three major areas of sustainability in tourism: economics, socio-cultural, and environmental
    • Crisis, Risk and Disaster Management- walks you through what to do when a crisis affects tourists, and covers crises like terrorism, epidemics, natural disasters, crime, service failure and more.

This in depth accelerated certification course truly prepares you for all issues related to hospitality management.

  • Homepage
  • Duration: 15 weeks
  • Estimated Total Cost: $10,341

5.) Colorado Mountain College

Colorado Mountain College is a public 4-year institution located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. There are 5,806 students enrolled, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1. In 1967 CMC was a community college offering 2-year degrees. Today, the Higher Learning Commission accredits Colorado Mountain College (CMC) to award associate’s and bachelor’s degrees as well as professional certifications. CMC offers the full gambit of student support services including remedial support services, academic and career counseling, employment services, and even credit for life experiences. A number of their academic offerings are vocational including robust programming in the field of business, engineering, health, and more. There are a few technical and career ready programs that are less common such as their associate’s degree in photography, culinary arts/ chef training, forest technology, natural resources management, veterinary health, and tourism and travel services management.

Colorado Mountain College offers an undergraduate certificate in hospitality management. We selected this certification program for the quality of academic offerings, and the affordable tuition rate. This 25 credit hour certification will take one year to complete, and is a comprehensive guide that provides a number of career opportunities in the hospitality sector. This certificate may be applied to the 2-year resort management degree. This program is taught completely online and requires 9 courses for completion. Here are the nine courses in more detail:

  • Hospitality Certification Course Content
    • Introduction to Hospitality- this introductory course is a great way to gain exposure to the wide variety of careers in the hospitality sector. You will become familiarized with the inner workings of hotels, restaurants, noncommercial food service, travel and tourism, conventions and meetings, clubs and more.
    • Housekeeping Management- learn the basics of managerial theories nad practices necessary for managing the housekeeping department of a hotel.
    • Front Office Procedures- in this course you will learn about business flow including booking and billing processes for hotels.
    • Introduction to Food and Beverage Management- is a course that focues on the important role marketing plays in building customer rapport. Additionally you will learn how to produce food, plan a menu and more.
    • Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting- learn the ins- and outs of computerized accounting as well as taxation, and financial analysis.
    • Supervision in the Hospitality Industry- in this course you will learn how to manage staff including everything from the recruitment process to teaching time management techniques.
    • Hotel Sales and Marketing- learn about what makes a successful sale including how to merchandise, plan and cater a positive guest experience.
    • Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Control- a realistic step-through of what it costs to manage and run a food and beverage business
    • Work Experience- this is a practicum experience in the hospitality industry.

This is a cost-effective route towards a career advancement in hospitality management.

  • Homepage
  • Duration: one year
  • Estimated Total Cost: $11,000

6.) Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University is a Canadian University located in Colwood, British Columbia. Once a military university today Royal Roads is a public university that enrolls 5,300 students. The student to faculty ratio is 12:1, and classes remain small- averaging around 25 students. Graduates of Royal Roads come from all over the world and impact a greater international community. More than 20,000 graduates currently work as leaders in the fields of business, communication, tourism, hospitality and social justice. The academic centers are: Centre for Livelihoods and Ecology, Centre for Teaching and Educational Leadership and Research, and others. Their campus is located in the Hatley Castle- a part of the Hatley Park National Historic Site- a recognized federal heritage building. Royal Roads offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees as well as a number of online bachelor’s and master’s degrees and professional certifications.

Royal Roads University offers an online graduate certificate in tourism management. We selected this program for the high level of flexibility, affordable tuition , and high quality of academics. Participants of this program will be able to tailor their certificate to meet their special interests. No other program offers this level of flexibility. Additionally, you may take the course online, on-campus or blended and take this course either part-time or full-time meaning that you can finish as quickly as 3 months or as slowly as 18 months- work at your own pace. Upon completion you can carry on and complete their online master’s in hospitality management. This online course has a strong focus on sustainability and ethics as they related to global tourism. Students are not required to take all of these courses but let’s take a closer look at what’s available:

  • Hospitality Certification Course Content
    • Orientation to Tourism Graduate Studies- tis the only “required” course and steps you through the services available to students, as well as the basics of citation, library access and more.
    • Trends and Issues in Hospitality- this course focuses on the value of sustainability in the hospitality industry.
    • Finance For Tourism and Hospitality Management- in this course you will learn how to make sound financial decisions related to hotels, resorts and other forms of international hospitality
    • Research Methodology- learn about ethics, design and data collection that helps you make sound decisions for your hospitality business.
    • Strategic Planning for Tourism- learn how to form, implement, and then assess your business strategy while considering the importance of social responsibility in the context of hospitality and tourism
    • Tourism Leadership- be prepared to reevaluate what you know about “leadership” in this gripping course that teaches innovated frameworks for what it means to be a solid, effective, and compassionate leader.
    • Global Tourism- learn how to create your global business in a way that is respectful and mindful of global communities
    • Strategic Tourism Marketing– as the world changes, so along with it does tourism, learn how to strategically navigate your way through this ever-changing market
    • Sustainable Tourism Management- this course focuses on green tourism planning, and the environmental impacts of tourism as well as how to make ethical managerial decisions. You will examine case studies
    • Global Tourism- learn how to create your global business in a way that is respectful and mindful of global communities
    • Ethics in Tourism and Hospitality- furthering on the above course, you will delve deeper into the debates relevant to ethics in the the hospitality and tourism industry
    • Social Entrepreneurship- learn how to create and endeavor that impace the planet for positive change.

This is a great program for any individual who is concerned with sustainability and green practices in global tourism.

  • Homepage
  • Duration:3-18 months
  • Estimated Total Cost:

7.) Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is a public university located in New South Wales, Australia. There are campuses in Lismore and Coffs Harbour as well as the Gold Coast in Queensland. Southern Cross University currently enrolls 15,967 students. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings Southern Cross University ranks among the top 100 universities in the Asia-Pacific region, and ranked number one in Australia for student support. The academic offerings are wide-ranging with programming in business , arts and social sciences, law, tourism, and more. Southern Cross University offers degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s level as well as professional certifications. Research degrees also include studies on the indigenous people groups of Australia, geosciences, and plant science among others.

Southern Cross University offers a Graduate Certificate in International Tourism. We selected this program for the affordable tuition rate, quality of academics, and flexible format. Students are required to complete 4 units or 48 credit hours of material. Those who complete this course may select to advance in their career or carry on with their academic studies and complete the Master’s in Tourism and Management. When it comes to flexibility this course allows students to choose three out of four of their courses from a series of electives- allowing each individual the freedom to tailor their studies to match their area of passion. The only course that is required is the core unit in Management Communication which is a course that helps students to create business documents with a focus on written communication and planning. Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting elective options:

  • Hospitality Certification Course Content
    • Tourism Planning Environments- this course defines “tourism environments” and how they influence tourism in terms of policy, planning and more.
    • Trends and Issues in Hospitality- this course focuses on the value of sustainability in the hospitality industry.
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation- learn about myriad entrepreneurial theories that lead to sound business practices and strategies for growth
    • Tourism and Hospitality Management- learn to think and act like a manager with this course- including thoughtful approaches to management that lead to strong work moral.
    • International and Tourism Systems- this course unpacks the complex international tourism industry including policy, technology and future issues related to tourism
    • Contemporary Hotel and Tourism Issues- this class examines a number of factors that influence hotel and tourism in today’s world- including media influence, international transport sectors, crisis, and the emerging visitor market

As you can see, this flexible online course leads to myriad of career paths in the hospitality industry.

  • Homepage
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Estimated Total Cost: $12,440

8.) Concordia University

Concordia University is a private university with its main campus located in Austin, Texas and additional campuses located across the United States: Ann Arbor, Chicago, Irvine, Nebraska, Portland, Saint Paul, and Wisconsin. There’s also an online campus. There are approximately 15,000 students enrolled at Concordia and the student to faculty ratio is 13:1 . Each campus is regionally accredited and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits Concordia University Texas to award comprehensive degree programs and certifications. U.S. News ranks the Irvine campus as the 41st best school in the region, 22nd best college for veterans, and 36th for best value schools. When it comes to affordable online options, there are 9 degrees and professional certifications offered including a bachelor’s in criminal justice, a master’s in organizational leadership, and hospitality management.

Concordia University offer an online graduate certification in sport and entertainment business. We selected this program for the unique content and as entertainment is certainly apart of the hospitality sector. We also selected this online course for the affordable tuition rate. The certification is intended for any individual who wants to work with athletic companies or in events and entertainment. This 15 credit hour program takes one semester to complete. You will learn about marketing for media and social media and gain familiarity with hospitality and event management. Let’s take a closer look at the course options.

  • Hospitality Certification Course Content
    • Global Perspectives of Sport and Entertainment- learn about all issues prevalent in the sport and entertainment business industry.
    • Contemporary Principles of Hospitality and Event Management- examines the obstacles managers face in local and international events planning.
    • Integrated Public Relations and Social Media Strategies- how to develop content for public relations and social media that is relevant to the sports management and entertainment industries.
    • Integrated Marketing and Brand Activation- This course focuses on customer perspectives in relation to brand and methods for leveraging image to strengthen gains
    • Sponsorship, Sales, and Fundraising Strategies-this experiential course focuses on cause-funding and partnership.
    • Event Management- learn how to plan events in the sports, entertainment, and hospitality industries

The final course option is an internship.

  • Homepage
  • Duration: one semester
  • Estimated Total Cost: $10,485

9.) Plymouth State University

Plymouth State University is a public university located in Plymouth, New Hampshire. There are 5,049 students enrolled, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 17:1. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges accredits Plymouth State to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degrees as well as professional certifications. According to U.S. News Plymouth State University ranks as the 115th best school in the region, and 35th for top public school. When it comes to academics Plymouth State University offers a number of programs in high-need and rising fields like health, business, and education. Additionally there are a number of visual and performing arts programs available including degrees in Art History, Art, Drama, Fine and Studio Arts, Fine Arts, and Music. Currently, there are 6 fully online degree offerings including the online bachelor’s in business management, online master’s in curriculum and instruction, and online certification in hospitality management.

Plymouth State University offers an online undergraduate certificate in hospitality management. We selected this program for the affordable tuition rate, flexibility, and high quality of academic programming. This 18 credit hour program is highly flexible giving students a number electives from which to pick. The elective classes are: cultural anthropology, human geography, foundations of sociology, human dimensions of natural resource management, the rural community: conflict and change, and topics in hospitality and tourism management. Let’s take a closer look at the core courses:

  • Hospitality Certification Course Content
    • Introduction to Hospitality Management- This overview course examines a number of sub-sectors in the hospitality industry including lodging, food and beverage, casinos, Timeshare, franchising, meetings and conventions, incentive travel water parks, spas and more.
    • Lodging Operations Management covers the full gambit of hotel management from the moment a reservation is made to the moment the guest checks out.
    • Principles of Marketing- learn how to plan and produce cost effective marketing content and the best practices for delivery
    • Organizational Behavior- everything from group dynamics, leadership, communications, and human resources.

This hospitality management certificat provides a great general overview of hospitality management.

  • Homepage
  • Duration: one semester
  • Estimated Total Cost:$9,880

10.) Stephen F. Austin University

Stephen F. Austin State University is a public institution located in Nacagdoches, Texas. There are 12,742 students enrolled and the student-to-faculty ratio is 20:1. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits SFASU to award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. U.S. News ranks SFASU as the 73rd best university in the West, and 22nd top public school. SFASU supports a diverse student body and is military friendly- welcoming and supporting all branches of the military both veterans and active military. The student support services don’t stop with military personnel and include services for traditional and nontraditional students like placement services for graduates, academic and career counselling. Their academic offerings are varied and include degrees in fields like agriculture, music, and philosophy. With such a range of degrees it’s probably no surprise that SFASU offers a number of online degrees. There are 12 degree programs including a master’s in social work, bachelor’s in human development and family studies, and a graduate certificate in hospitality supervision.

Stephen F. Austin University offers an graduate certificate in Executive Hospitality Supervision. This online program is 15 credit hours in length and takes one year to complete. We selected this online certificate in hospitality management for the quality of academic programming. The course is appropriate for any individual who is looking to advance their career in the hospitality management industry and is unable to complete a full master’s degree. The following courses are part of this certification:

  • Service Management in Human Sciences
  • Employee Development Issues in Human Sciences
  • Consumer Problems
  • Administration and Supervision in Human Sciences
  • Human Science Delivery Systems
  • Stephen F. Austin recommends contacting Dr. Chay Runnels directly for more in depth information and course descriptions. This program did not provide course descriptions.

    • Homepage
    • Duration: one year
    • Estimated Total Cost:$21,988