The 10 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is one of the largest managerial disciplines in the world. This is largely due to the fact that hospitality is huge, particularly in North America, Europe, and South East Asia. In America, hospitality is the third largest industry in the nation according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As as one might expect, this leads to a lot of opportunity. Today more than ever before, hospitality management opens its doors to all sorts of interests whether it be those seeking opportunities to hone their business savvy or creative entrepreneurs looking to make their niche dreams a huge success. In 2017, hospitality management includes event planning, restaurants, travel and tourism, night clubs, festival planning, and of course hotel and lodging management. The fact is, entering the industry is not the challenge, but advancing is. We understand that when you’re ready to head back to school it is essential that programs be affordable and reliable. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is an opportunity for you to double or triple your salary in hospitality, but many have issues affording school. This is why we have done the homework for you. By looking at all online bachelor’s in hospitality management, we’ve been able to single out the most affordable in the nation (and available internationally). If you are looking for an affordable means to advance in your career in hospitality management these are the 10 best and most affordable places for you to start.

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What Kind of Job Can I Get With a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management?

Hospitality is big business. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 15,979 people were employed in Leisure and Hospitality careers, along with an additional 13,694 in the field of Food and Accommodation. The hotel industry alone generates half a trillion dollars annually, and salaries for qualified and experienced professionals can be both lucrative and rewarding. Better still, many hospitality management careers may include the potential for travel, room for professional advancement and the opportunity to interact with new people on a daily basis. Careers in hospitality management involve overseeing multiple departments, facilities, budgets and personnel, all with the goal of creating a memorable customer experience. Essential to this role are exceptional skills in business administration, leadership and customer care.

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What Kind of Job Can I Get With An Associates in Hospitality Management?

Hospitality, in the broadest sense, is the business of accommodating people. Hospitality is a massive, lucrative and utterly unique industry. Tourism sustains culture. Special events shape our biggest life moments. Cuisine and dining define cities. Globally, $493.76 billion flows through the hospitality industry every year, and with good reason: research shows that spending money on experiences, rather than goods, leads to greater happiness. Whether that experience is a romantic dinner with a date or a trip to Disneyworld with the family, people remain willing to pay top dollar for a memorable experience. Careers in hospitality management are equally unique. Working in the field requires exceptional professionalism, flexibility, organization and exceptional interpersonal skills.

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How do I Become a Restaurant Manager?

Managers of restaurants are one of the most common hospitality positions. Restaurants are, after all, all around us and probably the hospitality establishment the general population frequents the most. While almost every city of any size is able to support scores or even hundreds of restaurants, the market is competitive. And it’s not uncommon to see new restaurants fail. While sometimes this is due to the “concept” of the restaurant being off, oftentimes restaurants fail due to mismanagement and poor business decision. Balancing marketing, pricing, the supply chain of dishes, storage, waste, payroll, HR, public relations, and regulatory concerns, requires a very wide-ranging skill set. This skill set — while obtained and mastered by many — requires years of experience or very specific education. And that’s what we will talk about below.
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What Can I Do With a Master’s in Hospitality Management?

What is Hospitality Management

When you think of hospitality management, what image comes most readily to mind? Do you think of a hotel manager, a restaurant manager, or something entirely different? Hospitality is simply the interaction between a host and a guest, a combination that encompasses so many of our interactions. Today the hospitality management sector includes event planning, tourism and leisure, night life, cafes and bars, experiences, hotels, and every niche in between. Hospitality management is also incredibly lucrative, and drives economies of major cities. In fact, according to the bureau of labor statistics hospitality management is the third largest field after health care and business. Worldwide, hospitality is ancient. Particularly when you view it as an exchange between host and guest. In Japan, entire ancient ceremonies (still present today) center around the presentation of tea. In the past, feasts were a pan-cultural experience and supported many entrepreneurs (even if they weren’t called so at the time). These are all hallmarks of what hospitality still means to us today. One difference between hospitality in the past and today is that hospitality is today a multi-billion dollar industry, powered by massive logistics trains, and multinational corporations. While there have undoubtedly been many shrewd providers of hospitality in the past, in today’s interconnected world it’s even bigger business. Millennial behaviors, the climate, and technology are among some of the top influences for change in the industry. Below we will take a closer look at how some of these top influences will change your career in hospitality management, and how that informs the answer to what one can do with a master’s in hospitality management.

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